Protest Against NZ Asset Sales 3PM Sat 28th April 2012 Britomart Auckland.

The Hikoi March To Prevent Asset Sales To Foreigners Began Today. The march also protests the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, the privatization of public assets, the sale of land to foreigners, as well as asset sales.

The Hikoi could be seen as a protest against corporate greed, which has been protested in many of the large European cities, and in America, over the past year. But this Hikoi-protest is very specific. It is focussed on issues which will directly affect every New Zealander, should John Key be allowed to continue his capitalistic approach to everything about his governance.

New Zealanders objecting to the National Government’s sale of New Zealand’s assets and its resources, are growing in number. Our country is small, and we need to protect every little inch of it it for the benefit of all New Zealanders and the forthcoming generations. Otherwise, many Returned Servicemen ask, ‘what was the point of fighting for it in the war?”

Our forebears have fought and worked, and worked and fought, making many sacrificesalong the way to create the New Zealand that we have today. They cleared the land and built up the farms to be productive. Now this government is selling off whatever it pleases, including farm land to foreigners, for a quick sale, to temporarily increase the government coffers, to make them look good just for the term that they are in power.

But the long-term losses economically will far out-weight any short-term benefits the government may receive. If the overseas investors were NOT to make money out of owning our assets, or our farms, then they would not bother buying them in the first place. So we HAVE to lose out with these foreigners ruling our assets and our farms.

And do not be fooled by the latest report from a Chinese official who was reported on the news last night as saying ‘You do not have to worry – all we want is your milk’. If all they want is our milk, then they should simply buy it, just as they do now, and just like other countries do. Why do they need to own our land? Of course, this will be to benefit the Chinese economy, and not our own.

Unlike China, who does not allow anyone to personally own any land anyway, we in New Zealand have so little land. We need every bit of it here, in New Zealand ownership, to manage it for the benefit of all New Zealanders. Our land is all we have.

Today, 24th April, 2012, the Hikoi-march against asset sales set off from Cape Reinga, which is the tail of the fish in Maori mythology. It has begun its two week long journey which will end on the 4th May, in NZ’s capital Wellington, which is the head of the fish.

The Hikoi is set to arrive in Auckland on this Saturday, the 28th April, at 3 PM outside downtown Britomart. For anybody unfamiliar with Auckland, Britomart is the name of Auckland’s central railway station which is situated in the old Post Office building, and this is found at the bottom of Queen Street, on the other side of the road from the ferry buildings and the wharf.

When the Hikoi arrive in Downtown Auckland this Saturday, the protest is likely to grow massively, as the many Aucklanders who are opposed to the National government’s sale of assets policy muster with the Hikoi to join the protest. I reckon on something close to 30,000 if the weather is rainy, and around 50,000 if the weather is good.

I know that I will be there to join this very important protest against the sale of farm land to foreigners, against privatization, and against the sale of assets.


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