Solomon Islands Earthquake Brings More Volcanic Activity

HDR-sunsetClimate Change Effects Brings Worries To Islands of the Pacific.

Thanks to Lachlan for the photo.

Consequences of the Solomon Islands Earthquake Tsunami:

The effects of Climate Change is causing more earthquakes, the possibility of tsunamis, and more volcanic activity. The powerful countries of the world who produce most of the pollution which is causing environmental disasters, have a moral duty to help the people of the Pacific who produce little of the world’s pollution, but who are suffering the effects of climate change more than anyone else.

The islands which lie on ‘The Ring Of Fire’ are especially vulnerable to Climate Change: Many of these islands are small and low-lying. Villages run the risk of being entirely swamped by the tsunamis which usually follow earthquakes. The tsunami which hit the Solomons and other islands last week, even though it was only about a metre high, has wiped out the many small villages and communities which were dotted along the coast.

Nine people have died, and more than three thousand people have lost their homes and are living in temporary housing shelters as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Earthquake after-shocks are continuing to cause more damage and frighten people.

Volcanoes Are Waking Up. The Earthquake in the Solomon Islands last week not only produced a small tidal wave, it has increased volcanic activity in the volcanic region of Tinakura. This is another worry for the people of the Solomon Islands.

Right now, Pluto is square Uranus. This aspect often brings sudden events outside the realm of one’s control. Generally speaking, this aspect is increasing the incidence of sudden and violent events and actions, such as more accidents, sudden outbreaks of ill-health such as heart attacks and strokes, more explosions, more bombs and warring, more violence, and more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The world needs to sit up and notice: There is much we can do to alleviate the effect of astrological challenges such as this Pluto Uranus problem: Care and compassion for the people of the world and its environment will go a long way to minimizing so-called ‘natural disasters’ and their effects.

It will take a while now to alleviate the damage we have caused, but it can be done.

Stop drilling for oil. Oil companies have a moral duty to stop their drive for oil and profits. Instead, they should be using their profits to work on safe alternative energy sources. NOT NUCLEAR POWER EITHER.

Stop mining minerals out of the Earth, since these mineral fields play an important part in distributing energy and balancing weather patterns. Begin recycling the stuff we have already taken from the Earth: Live within our means instead of robbing the Earth of minerals to produce more of what we don’t need and mostly cannot afford anyway.

Stop cutting down the forests. Stop the deforestation of the planet. Start planting trees EVERYWHERE – around the towns, in your back yard. The responsibility is not held by the big corporations alone: People in towns do not generally care about preserving their shade trees, and often prohibit the planting of big trees. But if every city had a plan to shade at least 50% of its open spaces, the world would be that much cooler. This is common-sense: You only have to walk along a tar-sealed street in the sweltering heat of a New Zealand summer’s day, and experience the difference under the cool shade of a tree to realize this.

Let some natural weeds grow to feed the bees and nourish the soil. Stop poisoning the earth with insecticides and herbicides, and let the birds get more of the snails and slugs instead.


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