Tsunami Warning New Zealand After Solomon Islands Quake

IMG_0758Earthquake Today Wednesday 6th February 2013 Near Solomon Islands: Time around Noon in the Solomons, 2.12PM NZ time. Magnitude: 7.9 or 8.0 on the Richter Scale according to New Zealand TV 3 News coverage.

Photo by Merrilyn: Orewa Beach

Civil Defence NZ has issued a tsunami alert following the Quake today which, on TV3 News at 6PM, was vamped up from 7.9 in previous reports, to 8 Magnitude on the Richter Scale.

I am so glad that I have moved inland, away from the seaside at Orewa.

An earlier tsunami warning was given out by the authorities in Hawaii, who warned of a possible tsunami in areas including islands in the Pacific region, New Zealand, and parts of the Australian coastline. They reaffirmed the tsunami alert after it was questioned by NZ civil defence, who had not seemed to have taken the warning too seriously – No sirens went off in the areas which were postulated as being at risk, which is alarming to say the least.

It is now 7PM, an hour after the worst was to be expected in New Zealand, however, people still need to be alert, and to avoid those at-risk coastline areas of New Zealand. The areas in New Zealand most likely to be at risk from this tsunami which could come from the Solomon Islands are:

1. The Central West Coast region, from Hokitika to New Plymouth. This has been given as the most vulnerable area.

2. The Auckland area.

3. The Bay of Plenty down to the East Cape.

4. Gisborne.

5. Napier Hawkes Bay area.

6. New Plymouth township.

7. Wellington.

8. Westport.

9. Milford Sound.

The epicentre of the earthquake near the Solomon Islands was very near the Santa Cruz Islands, which lie to the south of the Solomons.

A tsunami of around a metre high swamped the Solomon Islands shortly after the quake. This has destroyed hundreds of houses on the coast of the Solomons, but fortunately, there are no reports of lives lost at this stage.

Warnings on NZ television tonight, coming from NZ Civil Defence, say that New Zealanders should remain vigilant for the next 8 hours.

Take heed: Bigger than usual waves are to be expected, and this means that boaties and fishermen are best to head for home, and that people should stay away from the beaches.


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