UN Refuses Compensation To Haiti For Cholera

DSCO 1551Cholera Epidemic Killed Almost 8,000 People In Haiti.

BBC gave us this news here in New Zealand in the early hours of this morning, Saturday 23rd February, 2013.

Cholera was brought to Haiti by UN troops, who were there as part of a recovery mission following the massive earthquake. The epidemic hit in October of 2010.

600,000 people were affected by the disease, and it killed almost 8,000 people.

But the United Nations, who are responsible for bringing the cholera disease into Haiti, refuse to compensate for their negligence. The United Nations’ failure is in not vetting the incoming troops for diseases which could threaten the people of Haiti.

The United Nations would also seem to be negligent in not organizing a vaccination programme for Cholera for the future protection of the people..

Homeopathy As An Alternative To Vaccination.

http://merrilynhope.com/homeopathic-remedy-for-cholera/See about how a Cholera Epidemic In Moravia was cured with Homeopathic Camphor in Merrilyn’s earlier post from 15 July 2011, entitled: Save Homeopathy – Brief History and A Royal Horse Called Hypericum.

Inexpensive Preventive Treatment For This Cholera Outbreak could be found in Homeopathic Medicine. Vaccination programmes are usually expensive, as the antibiotics used are costly to make. But homeopathic remedies can be made very cheaply and easily.

The BBC report on the cholera epidemic which followed the earthquake, said that two thirds of the UN troops are from developing countries – countries which carry cholera, such as Nepal.

So – No Compensation. No Vaccination Programme to try to protect the people against the disease which they have brought to Haiti. And No Promise To Vet The UN Peace-Keeping Troops in the future, to ensure that epidemics such as this Cholera Epidemic of 2012 does not happen again.

One spokeswoman said that the UN is probably reluctant to promise a closer scrutiny of troops for possible diseases, as they might have to assume liability for this cholera epidemic if they agree to do so.

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