Kim Dotcom Denied Bail In Auckland NZ Today 25th January 2012

MegaUpload Update: Lawyer Paul Davison, Q.C., spoke of his disappointment on tonight’s news, over the judge denying bail to and his colleagues today. bosses appeared in the North Shore Court today to have their plea for bail heard. Mr Paul Davison, Q.C. made the point after the hearing, that the judge is in no position to assess the charges against and his colleagues, because there is no hard evidence to prove a case against them. So bail should not have been denied.

The judge said that posed an ‘escape risk’, which was why he refused him bail. If he could find his way to Germany, then he could not be extradited to USA, where he is wanted by the FBI for various alleged crimes. However, he is should still be innocent until proven guilty, and so bail should have been granted. Paul Davison, Q.C., said that has a wife who is expecting a child, and would be unlikely to escape out of the country. He also said that was willing to have electronic surveillance. But the judge was not persuaded. and his MegaUpload colleagues will have to spend another month in an Auckland jail, after which time they most probably will be extradited to America. God help them, then. This is the same plight Julian Assange awaits, after being arrested on trumped up charges in Sweden, at the instigation of the CIA or FBI, who want Julian Assange put behind bars for divulging American war crimes, and other secrets, to the world.

Apart from John Campbell, on ‘Campbell Live’ last night, the New Zealand media, including the Channel 3 News compilers, are making a meal out of’s demise. They seem to be doing their darndest to paint the most deprecating portrayal of Mr Even Winston Peters, leader of the ‘New Zealand First’ Party, whose is a lawyer and usually of sound judgement, has jumped on the band wagon, saying that ‘ is obviously a criminal’ who should never have been allowed to come into New Zealand. And this little tit-bit of a suggestion has been bandied around on all the various telly channels. But Winston Peters’ attack is most probably coloured by his desire to bring down the National government and its Prime Minister, John Key.

Although I do not like John Key and his pro-corporate policies, at least he has come out on national television to defend’s right to enter this country. He has said that made no secret about any previous convictions, and declared everything on his application form for residency here. The German government, who was duly approached about Mr’s past, stated to the New Zealand authorities that they had no issues with any of the former charges, because everything had been resolved. They considered him to be a worthy citizen, by all accounts.


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