NZ Govt Blow Up Kim DotcomTo Pave Way Chinese Land Grab

The shut-down and the arrest of have caused much controversy here in New Zealand. The timing couldn’t have been better for the New Zealand government, who used the moment to rush in the sale of the Crafer farms, the 16 prime dairy farms, to Chinese investors, despite the majority of the public being against it. I bleieve that this is why the New Zeland government and its police got involved with the FBI driven charges against MegaUpload and the four king-pins, when, in fact, there was no reason for our police to act for the FBI. The judge has said that he could not comment on the case, as there was no evidence to support the FBI claims of criminality against and his colleagues.

DSCO 1680Photo of chamomile daisies taken by Merrilyn on Holly’s camera at Dunedin Botanical Gardens, December 2012.

But the public have loved the sensation of this news about the demise of Sour grapes, I think.

Anyway – The New Zealand government have capitalized on the fact that was legally able to enter the country, gain residency, and buy land here. John Key even defended the government’s case for allowing him into the country, saying that there was no legal reason to bar from buying property here. I commended John Key for saying this in support of, a few days prior to the announcement that the farms had been sold to overseas investors. Should have known that this slimey slippery eel John Key would have some secret agenda that this statement would influence. He said that the German government had been approached about’s history, and that they had said that they had no issue with, because his name had been cleared. Fair enough.

The extension to this idea is that we should allow the Chinese in also, if ‘they are of good character’. But there is no comparison:’s property is only a peanut compared to the elephant-sized chunk the Chinese have bought. And’s little mansion is not prime dairy land upon which our very future and livlihood depends.

The law should have been changed to prevent any more sales of land to overseas investors. Especially with such a huge chunk as the Crafer farms coming up for grabs. The government has the power to do this, but they didn’t do anything to stop the sale of these dairy farms to outside interests, not even when they had another offer from a group of New Zealaners, led by Sir Michael Fay, to buy the said Crafer dairy farms.

The thing that gets most Kiwis I have spoken to, is that they believe that was a crook, which is not the case. New Zealand media, ovbiously with the prompting of the Key-led National government, have portrayed as a very bad person, when they have no grounds on which to base their judgement. Anyway, because people believe the media portrayal of the man, they reckon that letting the Chinese in to buy all this farmland is no big deal, nothing in comparison to letting in a crook. They believe that the NZ governemnt ‘has the Chinese under wraps’ with the various restrictions and conditions that they have laid down on the deal.

But these conditions are meaningless in terms of just how much influence the New Zealand government will have over this group of Chinese investors. The Chinese investors have to invest in excess of 10 million a year into the farms, for a start. Imagine telling them that they have to go, after even ONE year of investing money into the property, if you are not happy about how things are panning out. It just won’t happen, unless you are prepared to be shot.

I still cannot understand just how gullible many New Zealanders are: They voted in this man, John Key, a sheep in wolf’s clothing, or a thief in wolf’s clothing, who has stated his intentions to sell off our assets. He has now begun his massive sell-offs. Where are the protests? What can be done? How can we get this man ousted from the government? Well, we probably can’t get rid of him. We had our chance with the election just gone. He still managed to just make the mark, to get another shot at ruining our country. And many people STILL believe him – that ‘the government has it all under control’. They still trust him, even when he sells the shirt off your back. Because he is very persuasive, and always has some story to tell you about how good things will be.

This is a modern day version of ‘The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes’. The Emperor was told all the time that he looked very beautiful in his fine garments, when in fact, all his lovely clothes had been stolen. He was told so often about his fine garments, that he believed he was wearing beautiful garments of silk and gold braid, better than anything that anybody else had ever owned, when in fact, he had nothing. He paraded his garb publicly in the streets, not realizing that it was all in his own head, and that he didn’t have a stitch on……..Everyone struggled to suppress their laughter as he paraded about, stark naked.

Everyone else could see that he was stark naked. But he himself believed he had everything, all the riches that money could buy. The Chinese government must be laughing all the way to the bank. And so, too, will John Key be.


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