Pyschic Healer Bernhard Petersen

Psychic Diagnosis Using a Pen: My friend Bernhard Petersen is a psychic healer who is stilll helping and healing and instructing people, one of whom is myself. Bernhard has always been in direct contact with his Spirit Guides, who include acupuncturists and other healers and guides – and artists.

Bernhard taught me his method of divining the exact acupuncture points via a pen about ten to twelve years ago, but I kept using the pendulum until fairly recently. He calls his method ‘pen diagnosis’. Bernhard is the master, and I am still the student.

Painting With Guides: Bernhard is a fantastic artist as well as a psychic healer. His art is guided by spirit, produced in the same way as his pen diagnosis for health matters: He communes directly with spirit while he holds his brush ready. Then he moves to to the colour they suggest, and applies the paint in strokes in the places where he is guided. Actually, this idea of the presence of Spirit Guides, who helped you with your painting, was expressed, I think by Monet and other artists, (or was it Manet? – I will review my art history notes) back in the impressionist days.

I have sat beside Bernhard as he paints. You can feel the presence of his Guides as he works in this super-conscious way.

Bernhard says that he knows about painting, because he has been a painter in another life – he was the father of Gauguin, which explains why he paints very much in the style of the impressionists. He has produced a fine oevre of paintings, many of which have been exhibited over many years at an art gallery in Tahiti. He had his last exhibition there about twelve years ago, before he moved to Australia.

These friends of Bernhard’s still help him in his healing work: Even in recent years, being old and frail, Bernhard is still active as a spiritual healer, as I have found out through his messages to me. His message to me just this morning was ‘Good work on our friend’s health problem yesterday’ – Bernhard is delighted that I am now using the pen, as he instructed me to, rather than a pendulum. Yesterday, I organised a chart of acupressure treatment for a friend who has cancer, using Bernhard’s method.

Then the message came: “Put up a post today about my work, and how I use the pen for diagnosis’: Bernhard is keen to teach anyone who is interested, because using the pen to gain insight from our Spirit Guides has the potential to help so many people. Incidentally, Bernhard has not yet left the earth plane, but is able to send psychic messages in just the same way that ‘deceased’ people do from ‘the other side’. These messages he sends me come from across the Tasman: I am in New Zealand, and he is in Australia.

Bernhard’s Spirit Guides assist him, not only in accurately diagnosing health problems, both current and those about to occur, but in working out the correct diet which will help a person, and also in ascertaining the specific acupunture points where acupressure is to be applied in order for disease to be prevented and that person to be made well.

Direct contact with miracle healers in the Spirit World can result in some outstanding cures. Once we have delveloped the skill, using the pen can help us to access information on diagnosis and treatment from our knowledgeable Guides who reside in the Spirit World. Once we have learned this skillof communing with our Guides, then we may be of assistance in helping people to regain their health and to lead happier lives.

The idea of restoring health through balancing the meridians: charging up weak meridians and their associated organs, and toming down meridians which are causing the overstimulation of organs, is an ancient healing art. Tibetan Buddhist healers have been using techniques similar to those used in Shiatsu healing, Reiki healing, and other mystic healing arts, for literally centuries.

Masters of these mystical and technical healing arts can aid us in our use of these methods, even if we do not have too much knowledge of how and why they work: we simply act as a tool, a facilitator of healing.

However, it makes your work more meaningful, and you become more artful in your application of these healing arts if you study the meridian charts and learn something of the other ancient healing arts such as herbal medicine and yoga techniques.

Preventative Therapy: Psychic Pen Diagnosis is, in itself, a powerful healing tool when it is used as a channel. But is is especially valuable because out Spirit Guides can pinpoint the exact location of a potential health problem, even before you recognise the fact that there is a weakness in a particular area. Then, they can give you the remedial measures to help overcome the problem before it turns into an established disease.

How To Diagnose a Potential Problem: Practice is the key. In the beginning, it is a good idea to begin using a pendulum to get ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to questions on which you know the outcome. You need to become accomplished at this technique before you begin your practice of diagnosis using a pen to ascertain the potential sites of disease.

Once you have mastered the pendulum, then you may switch to using the pen. The pen is a better tool for diagnosis, as it can accurately pin-point a site of illness, and the exact pressure points to be massaged in treatment. A pendulum is a great tool too, but it can only swing over a general area, and cannot pin-point anything.

To use the Pen for diagnosis: Hold your pen over a diagram of the human body, preferably one which has the acupuncture points and the meridians drawn on it. You weave the pen over the chart tobegin with. You will get drawn to the areas which need attention. You may get a warmth through your fingers or hand, leading your pen tip to a particluar pressure point, or a site of illness; or the pen may want to flick suddenly, and directly, onto the points which require healing.

You can begin by working out a treatment for yourself using your pen and your diagram of the body and the meridians.


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