Alberto Granado Dies Friend Of Che Guevara

Author Of The Motor Cycle Diaries Dies

Che Guevara’s Companion Alberto Granado Dies/Motorcycle Diaries Author
The Fight Against Social Injustice
Che Guevara and Alberto Granado were both born in Argentina. They made a fantastic journey on their motor-cycles through South America in the 1950’s, an adventure which took eight months.
Che Guevara had trained as a doctor, , Alberto Granado was a bio-chemist.
Observing the poverty and social injustice in these parts caused them to become a passionate fighters for human rights: Che Guevaa is the better known of the pair. He helped inspire the revolution in Chile. Later, he tried to bring change in Bolivia, but was killed there. Che Guevara is an iconic figure, a symbol of the fight for freedom all over the world today, and his image is something which makes millions of dollars for merchandisers.
Alberto Granado wrote an account of the pair’s journey through South America which has helped to immortalize the pair. This is called “The Motor Cycle Diaries”, and the book was made into a film several years ago.
Alberto Granado moved to Cuba in 1961. His ashes are to scattered in Cuba and over parts of South America.


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