Chinese Rice Contaminated Feb 2011

Heavy Metals Contaminate Rice
The rapid growth of industry in China has had an impact on the environment world wide, as we all know. Soils and air in many parts of China, where rice is grown, are contaminated.
In the ‘New Century’ magazine, published this week, findings were revealed which showed that this is no new news: Apparently, according to the AFP, via The New Zealand Herald, 17 February, 2011, reports indicate that rice has been found to be contaminated with industrial poisons, such as cadmium, arsenic and mercury, and that this has been the situation for years:
“These harmful heavy metals have spread through the air and water, polluting a rather large area of China’s land……a complete chain of food contamination has existed for years.”
Large scale mining has released many poisons into the environment, and into the waterways, and these poisons have come to rest on the soil which grows the food.
This state of industrial pollution has largely been ignored by the authorities until fairly recently.
Up to 10% of rice grown in China has been found to be contaminated with heavy metals.


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