Dalai Lama’s Nephew Killed February 2011

Free Tibet Campaigner Killed.
Jigme K. Norbu Killed In Florida, USA. while involved in a peaceful protest.

One has to question just why the sad, untimely, and mysterious death of Jigme K. Norbu, the Dalai Lama’s nephew, held so small a place in our newspaper. On page 15, in a small, gossip-like, ‘world” news column of snippets, in all of about 10 two inch lines, we learned that Jigme K. Norbu was killed last Tuesday, whilst he was engaged in a peaceful campaign to promote the freeing of Tibet’. ?This news item appeared on page 15 of the NZ Herald.
The New Zealand television news did not tell us anything about the fact that Jigme K. Norbu was killed this week, and nor did the BBC selected news which was shown here reveal anything about the Dalai Lama’s nephew being killed in America..The New Zealand Herald, page 15, Thursday, 17 February, 2011, reported this very sad news.
This news should have made headlines: Has the world so soon forgotten the atrocities which happened in Tibet, and that Tibetans are still under the very serious command of the Chinese? Or are the newspapers in the Western world afraid of earning the ire of the wicked Chinese government? Perhaps we might be next, if we voice our opinions about the Chinese takeover of Tibet, and the killing of thousands upon thousands of Tibetan Buddhists, and the torture and killing of dissidents or the religious, such as Falun Gong, in China itself, even today?

Free Tibet: The Tibetan people need a voice much larger than my own. They suffer terrible oppression under Chinese authority, whilst their country is pillaged and raped for its valuable mineral and water resources for the benefit of the Chinese. And now, Jigme K. Norbu, the Dalai Lama’s nephew, has suddenly, and suspiciously, been killed as he tried to bring attention to the needs of the Tibetan people.

Jigme K. Norbu was on a 480 km walk to promote Tibet’s independence from China, when he was hit by a sport utility vehicle on a dark and lonely stretch of coastal road, in Florida, USA.
He was on his own at the time of the ‘accident’, having insisted on finishing the last of the 3km by himself, even though night had fallen.
Chinese anti-Tibetan sentiments are so strong, even here in little old New Zealand, that I cannot help but suspect that this was no accident.
A fierce and ongoing campaign has been carried out here in New Zealand by the Auckland Chinese Business Association, to try and stop the Dalai Lama from visiting our country at all. He finally did come, on December 5th, 2009, but the visit was devoid any of the celebrations which had accompanied his previous visit several years ago.
Our heart-felt condolences go out to the Dalai Lama for the loss of his nephew.
We send thoughts of compassion, too, to all those people who have suffered, and still suffer, through the hands of Chinese oppressors.


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