For The Love Of Dogs In Christchurch 2011

Animal Welfare: SPCA Christchurch
The Christchurch earthquake has affected the lives of many pets. The Christchurch SPCA are on the lookout for homeless or abandoned animals around Christchurch. Many pets have been disoriented from the destructive effects of the earthquake. Some pets will have strayed away from their home areas out of fear.
Dogs are known to be extremely fearful of earthquakes, and are inclined to run off before they strike, if they can.
If you see any homeless cats or dogs, or other pets, then do phone the SPCA hotline – 0800 567 873. This is a call-free number.
I am sure that the SPCA could do with any volunteer help at this time of need. If you feel you could help to rescue, relocate, or care for an animal, please phone 0800 567 873.

Meanwhile, until the animal rescue team turn up:

Be Kind To Animals in Need: For the love of dog, look out for homeless and hungry pets. If you notice an obviously hungry animal around, feed it. Put down some food for all those hungry cats and dogs. Often, they will eat what you eat. A hungry cat or dog will eat vegetarian food. Just mash up your potato, or rice, with some veges, add a bit of egg or some other protein if you can. This can make all the difference between a cat or a dog starving. So – make a difference to its life by providing a little food.

The other help-line number is 0800 779997.


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