Free Julian Assange 2010

Street Protests in Spain Support WikiLeaks

If you live in New Zealand and you are interested in the fate of WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, it pays to keep up with BBC coverage on the matter.

BBC News through the night in New Zealand, 13 December, 2010, have informed us that street protests in Spain have taken place in support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. A caption ran periodically along the bottom of the screen with this information through the night.

It was said somewhere onNZ news last week, that two out of every three people supported Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. It looks as if the world is welcoming the uncovering of some of the higher powers’ dark secrets.

Hero Or Villain?

Hero Of Course: there is no doubt in MY mind that Julian Assange is a hero, but since the question has been bandied about by newspapers and television reporters all over the world, it was great to get at least one positive response on New Zealand television which supports Julian Assange and WikiLeaks: And this response comes from someone with credentials in CIA work.

This good news came over on the New Zealand Close-Up Programme: This programme excelled itself on Friday night, the 10th December 2010. Our own NZ news generally does not give us an awful lot. However, Mike Hoskings on Close-Up Friday night had a very interesting and impressive interview with Ray McGovern. Ray McGovern is an emminent American who worked with the CIA in the Ronald Reagan era.

Mike Hoskings asked Ray McGovern if Julian Assange was a hero or a villain.

“He is a hero, of course”. Ray McGovern replied emphatically that Julian Assange was a hero, because he is challenging “the whole system”. He went on to say that the WikiLeaks’ blow-up, led by Julian Assange, is a case of ‘David combatting the Lion’.

One might also liken Julian Assange to John the Baptist, who was imprisoned before Jesus Christ became famous, for telling the truth about the wife of King Herod, who happened to be a relative of John the Baptist’s. John the Baptist’s head was eventually brought to King Herod, delivered on a platter.

Powerful people traditionally tailor their public image in order to impress the masses and their allies, as well as their opponents. “Pulling the wool” is something they all seem to become very good at. WikiLeaks, from now on, will be a fantastic deterrent to all those wolves who attempt to dress in sheep’s clothing.

Julian Assange’s imprisonment also has parallels with the current situation of Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2010, Liu Xiaobo. Liu Xiaobo, a fighter for human rights and the freedom of speech, is serving an eleven year sentence in China for what China considers to be ‘crimes against the state’.

Is It Just Tittle Tattle?

Mike Hoskings asked if the WikiLeaks revelations which have been published recently are ‘just tittle-tattle’.

“No”, was the answer from Ray McGovern: “This is the USA’s last gasp to exert its influence over the world”……(before China takes over, which will not be any better, methinks)

“USA diplomatic activities thrive on secrecy”, he said. He said that we have a new situation here. That ‘the genie is now out of the bottle’, and that ‘all of a sudden, things are transparent, whereas they were opaque before’.


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