Fukushima Radiation 10 Million Times Higher ? 28 March 2011

Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima

Evacuation of Workers at Fukushima

In the Herald today we have the news that the radiation levels at No 2 reactor at Fukushima are ‘Ten Million Times Higher than normal, and that all workers at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant had been evacuated after this news was reported.

This information was given out to the public by the Japanese authorities, I think, yesterday. However, this statement has since been declared as “untrue” by the same Japanese authorities.

BBC, around 3 AM this morning, NZ time, told us that the Japanese authorities had back-tracked on this alarming figure. “The spike of 10 million times than normal is wrong, say Japanese officials”, the BBC said. Nevertheless, workers were suddenly evacuated when the first reading was made.

The back-track by nuclear authorities has not done too much to allay the fears of Tokyo residents, according to one person interviewed in Japan since this “10 MillionX” reading: This person said that the fact that a mistake was made indicates the uncertainty of information being given out to the public by the authorities concerning radiation levels at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant:

The discrepancy in given readings puts doubt on the analysis of data taken from the nuclear plant.

And already, there are discrepancies in the stories given out by the Japanese authorities as to why the first incorrect reading was arrived at, in the first place:

BBC gave us an official report at around 3 AM NZ time today, which came from Japan. This news item said that the mistake had occurred because one element had been wrongly isolated in the reading, but that other elements had been ignored in this reading, which resulted in an incorrect reading. This explanation seems hardly credible to any layman’s ear.

But on TV3’s Frontline with Rachel Smalley this morning, Monday 28 March 2011, we were given another, entirely different, reason for the mistake being made. A Japanese spokesman for the nuclear power plant said that the worker who had taken the reading of 10 million X had made a mistake, and that he had fled because he was frightened, before taking a second reading to check on the validity of the first……A second reading would have given a much lower figure, and a more accurate reading, the official said.

In other words, the true danger to the public cannot be assessed on the strength of what the authorities tell us.

We must, therefore, use our own initiative to take precautions against absorbing too much radiation. It is better to err on the side of caution, and to assume that the danger to your health is potentially there, because if you don’t, and the situation worsens, your health could be undermined very severely, beyond the point of repair.

BBC says that an official report of radiation levels in the sea is 1800 times higher than the safe level. A Russian cargo ship which came from Japan was found to have high levels of radiation.

People in the immediate vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant have been told to leave. All information so far gleaned would indicate that authorities at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant are not giving us the true state of affairs.

Massive Anti-nuclear Protests Across Europe:

Demonstrations against Nuclear Power have taken place over the weekend, in many cities, in many countries.

BBC, and TV3 this morning, reported that around 100,000 people turned out to an anti-nuclear protest in Berlin over the weekend. Three other big cities in Germany had big anti nuclear demonstrations. Many of the protestors want ALL Germany’s nuclear power plants disabled. This is either 17, or 19. Angela Merkel has already authorized the disabling of, I think, seven of the older nuclear power reactors.

New Zealanders Protect Yourselves From Radioactive Fallout:

Here in New Zealand, I can detect high levels of radiation already. I have experienced bone pain and many other symptoms of unwellness in the past week or so, but these symptoms have become more pronounced in the past three days. Friends of mine are also experiencing similar symptoms of poisoning, and feel that something is wrong which they cannot define.

Now, Monday 28 March, there is no doubt that the radioactive elements – radioactive iodine and caesium and goodness knows what else, are in our New Zealand air already. I could distinctly taste iodine a couple of days ago. Yesterday, Sunday the 27th March 2011, this taste I can discern has become more metallic and heavy.

Winds from the north have brought the radioactive particles south to New Zealand.

Going outside in the rain worsened the effects of the radiation. The longer this radioactive dust stays on your skin, the more you will absorb. Itis important to cover up when you go outside at the moment. Shower if you have spent any time outdoors. Stay inside as much as you can for now, until the stuff disperses, hopefully, and until the Japanese nuclear workers manage to get the leakage of radiation stopped. One suspects that this might never be achieved 100%, as all materials used in these reactors, and the surrounding environment, will be contaminated.

Your Clothing Will Be Affected: Don’t hang your washing outside for the meantime – certainly not in New Zealand if there is a northerly blowing here, which is bringing more of the contamination our way. And rain brings the radioactive stuff down to Earth, so do not put out your washing in the rain. It should be washed again if it has been outside the past few days, as the radiation level has been high in the past three days, according to my own internal barometer.

Wear Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes from radioactive fallout.

Read merrilyn’s post just two posts prior to this one, entitled: RADIOACTIVE POLLUTION IN NEW ZEALAND FROM JAPAN NUCLEAR DISASTER which gives you some clues about what to do to help protect yourself from absorbing radiation.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to take the radioactive fallout situation seriously. The Japanese authorities have not divulged the true extent of the danger, and nor have our own governments. It is possible that they do not realize the dangers which this radiation poses: It will dramatically affect the health of the Japanese people, and all neighbouring countries, and all countries like New Zealand, who get winds carrying the contamination.

Radiation causes cancer, birth defects and a host of other terrible conditions. New Zealanders are all at risk, because radiation is here already in amounts which are large enough to be having a discernible effect on health. This radiation will impair our immune systems. It will also be absorbed, because radiation is accumulative, and this accumulation leads to cancerous conditions taking hold.

Some Precautionary Aids To Protect Against Radiation: Iodine, taken in kelp, or spirulina, or by dabbing the soles of the feet with a drop of liquid iodine every few days; Vitamin C; Multi Vitamins; Extra Zinc; Extra chlorophyll; Home grown bean sprouts; Avoiding tap water – using bottled spring water instead;


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