International Support in Christchurch Earthquake Feb 2011

Christchurch Earthquake International Aid

Note: Another earthquake was felt this morning, just before 8 A.M. Daylight Saving Time N.Z. Magnitude 4.1

Only 6 people’s names have been released so far of the people lying in the mortuary. Interpol are helping to identify people accurately, and until this is done, bodies cannot be released. Mistakes must not occur over identification of bodies: this may take some time to ensure that people are accurately identified, and the right body is returned to the families concerned.

The Red Cross are active in Christchurch, and this is an International effort. These people are doing valuable work down there in helping families. They have an active freephone number 0800

The response from the rest of the world has been nothing short of stunning.
People from all around the world have arrived in Christchurch to help with rescue and recovery, to assist people in their losses, and to help with keeping the community safe and habitable.
The arrival on Saturday of more than 300 Australian Police people was met by a welcoming crowd of Cantabrians. Between two and three hundred people were at Christchurch air port to applaud the arrival of the Aussie Police.
A specialist team of search and rescue people from the U.S.A. have been here for some days now. These are experts who have attended the earthquake crisis in Haiti, Chile and other parts of the world.
Trained people are here from Chile, Taiwan, Argentina, Korea, China, Japan, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, and many other places.
Our own teams in New Zealand have done amazing work: The NZ army and the navy were in Christchurch, at Lyttleton Port, when the calamity struck. They have been there since the earthquake almost a week ago now, on the 22 February 2011, feeding large amounts of people from their mess, and seeing to the set-up of two de-salination plants which will supply water to all those people still without running water: About 62% of houses now have running water on again, but there are still more than 50,000 homes without this commodity.


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