Jamie Oliver On Bees and Cell Phones 2011

Jamie Oliver and Bees
I really like Jamie Oliver’s Cooking shows. As a rule, I detest all cooking programmes – they are just another cheap ‘filler’ to replace the more decent television diet we used to have, used by TV companies to save them the expense of giving us some proper drama, or music, or decent documentary.
But Jamie’s shows are much, much more than just a cooking show. Jamie takes us to all sorts of wonderful places and teaches us how people in other parts of the world really live. And I love his concern for the health of people, and for the environment.
On last night’s show aired in New Zealand, called ‘Jamie’s Food Escapes’, we were taken to Athens. In this marvellous programme, which is the final of the series, Jamie cooks us a honey and pistachio cake, ‘wicked’ kebabs, and a fisherman’s stew where he used the bones for added flavour.
Jamie gets to go spear fishing, and dons bee keeping gear when he meets the bee keepers and has real live contact with the bees.
One of the most interesting things which we learned from his encounter with the bees and their keepers, was that cell phone transmitters were thought to be the reason for bees getting lost and dying. The bee keeper had told Jamie that if he put his bees in the vicinity of cell phone transmitters, then he would expect to lose at least a third of his bees from any hives put there. In areas where there was no cell phone transmission, he would not expect to lose any bees. This was something he had found out by trial and error experience.
Cell phone messages which electronically race about our environment, polluting it in an invisible way, obviously affect bees adversely. The radiations from these electronic transmissions cause the bees own sensitive radar equipment, highly sensitive little elecrtonic outfits all on their own, to falter.

These same electronically produced rays adversely affect all animal and human life.
Electronic rays such as those which come from cell phone towers, are largely responsible for whales, dolphins and other sea creatures becoming disoriented and losing their way, often causing whales to beach themselves, which causes their deaths. Even when whales or dolphins are putback into the water, they will very often swim right back in onto the beach again. This is not a willingness to die – it is because their sensitive radar systems are buggared up by the presence of electronic rays from cell phone towers and other such like modern equipment. They simply do not know where they are going when they come into strong electro magnetic fields.

Although we cannot perceive the exact amount of damage being done to any form f life, these rays are very debilitating and will contribute to damaging our immune systems and our mental and emotional states. Cell phone radiation will make us susceptible to ongoing conditions of depression, increase the incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction in our societies. As well as ongoing conditions of ill health which rob us of a quality of life, life threatening diseases such as cancer, parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, and many many more will threaten us as long as cell phone transmitters continue to pollute our environments.
To make a difference, we should throw away that cell phone, get a land line, and make demands to the cell phone companies to take down their prolific cell phone transmitters which many people have to live with in close proximity to their houses. These cell phone towers are a real threat to health, both physical and emotional.
New Zealand law has changed to allow cell phone companies to place these towers outside any house in any street they so wish, without the need for a consent of any kind. Apart from detracting from the value of your house, this is madness for your health’s sake and that of your family. Just because we can’t see these rays zapping our atmosphere and our bodies doesn’t mean they are not harmful. They are just as harmful to us as if we were living directly beneath high tension electricity wires.
If you are in a spot where you do not get cell phone coverage, then consider yourself blessed. You are in one of the very few environmentally safe places in New Zealand. Don’t tell the telephone companies about it, because they will come along and plant their devices there, which will pollute it as soon as say knife.


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