Japanese Earthquake Tsunami Warnings March 11 2011

Tonight we were given the dreadful news about the massive earthquake in Japan today.

The tsunamis which followed have caused massive devastation.

The earthquake was 10 kilometres underground, 120 ks off the coast of north easter Japan, and had a magnitude of 8.9 .

Just yesterday, I put up a post about ‘Sensing Murder Psychic’ predicting more earthquakes in Christchurch. I said that there will be more around the ‘Ring of Fire’ and other places in the world.

I believe I was given a warning about the tsunami which hit Japan just the day before. “World-Wide Ship-Wreck” was the message given me by spirit yesterday . The message was spoken aloud in my head, just as I was still half awake. A vision of boats being bobbed about destructively accompanied the words which were spoken by someone not too far away from me. This worried me, as I was not sure of the exact meaning, and whether it applied to myself, in which case, I needed to take some action to prevent some calamity happening to me. However, the message seemed as if it was a warning of some major catastrophe of which I had no inkling, something on a large scale. Now, in restrospect, I think that the message was a psychic one and that it referred directly to this dreadful earthquake, and the resulting tsunamis, the unbelievable amount of lives lost, and the suffering of the Japanese people. It is also a warning about other earthquakes and tsunamis to come, which will devastate other parts of the world.

Many ships have been wrecked, and many lives lost in Japan, mainly by the tsunami which swept across the coastline in the Sendai area.

Only a day previously, China had a large earthquake which also devasted a town. This was near the border of Burma.

Postscript 13 MARCH: The paper today says that there was a 6.1 earthquake in Tonga. It struck when people went to higher ground, to the King’s palace, to escape the tsunami which threatened Tonga.


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