Julian Assange Arrested 2010

Freedom of Speech in the West

Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks, an internet organization which exposes hidden agendas by governments. What a hero. Julian Assange’s determination to reveal the truth, no matter what the danger is to his personal safety, is truly remarkable. I am sure that movies will be made about him, his life, and his achievements, in the time to come.

This is a terrible thing that Julian Assange has been arrested. How much better is democracy in the west compared to communism in China? Quite a bit, I am sure. However, Julian Assange’s plight illustrates the limits imposed on the west’s freedom of speech ethic, and the lies and actions which may be told and done in order to shut you up if you step over that invisible mark of discretion.

I heard on the BBC news through the night in New Zealand, that Julian Assange was arrested in London today, which would have been the 7th December 2010 in the United Kingdom. He is SUSPECTED of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion, so the authorities say. He had agreed to meet with Scotland yard officials yesterday, to discuss rape allegations, which he swears are unfounded. Meanwhile, authorities have taken it upon themselves to interfere with the workings of WikiLeaks, which on the surface is not related to these rape allegations:

Though the Swedish authorities deny it, Julian Assange’s arrest is obviously politically motivated: Julian Assange’s bank accounts in Switzerland, which take donations on which Wikileaks is reliant, have been frozen as of yesterday. However, there is a firm in London who is now taking donations for WikiLeaks, and this firm has threatened to sue Euro Mastercard and Visa for refusing to handle WikiLeaks donations. This information has subsequently been announced on BBC News which ran early morning on the 9th December 2010 in New Zealand.

Julian Assange’s arrest occurred on the same evening that we saw, in New Zealand, the episode of Coronation Street, where Becki was arrested for drugs after they were planted on her at the request of a corrupt detective. His arrest also occurred on the eve of the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s murder in Manhattan, New York. Let’s hope that this is not a bad omen for Julian Assange. Let’s hope that he is kept safe, along with his information provider, WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange is accused of raping two Swedish women recently – in August, they say. This is obviously a trumped up charge to get Julian Assange behind bars and, one way or another, get him sent to Washington where CIA and government officials there are out for his blood: Mr Assange has uncovered secrets, and published them, of many governments, and that includes that of the mighty United States of America.

Interpol have also just put out a warrant for his arrest.

Mr Assange believes that everyone, including governments, should be answerable and accountable for their actions. Everything we say, and everything we do, should be accountable. He believes that no scullduggery should be allowed to exist behind closed doors in any situation, that all should be revealed. This means that no SECRET plans to undermine or manipulate another country, or person, should exist. Such an example would be that plan which he discovered, whereby America and Saudi Arabia were planning to bomb Iran in order to eliminate the possibility of Iran establishing nuclear weaponry.

So far, things do not look promising for Julian Assange. I pray for him and for his family: Already, his mother, who lives in Noosa, Australia, and his son, have received death threats. And the fact that he has been captured by the police in London, under the guise of a rape incident, does not look very good. If the authorities, in order to silence him, can lie and cheat by manufacturing up a charge of rape against him, what else will they do?

He has proved already that powerful governments are really capable of lying and cheating so that their ulterior, and hidden, ambitions can be achieved. They will be only too keen to undermine the man who has pointed this out. They will want to silence him forever, if they can.

Let’s hope that he is not treated badly by CIA people when he finally gets to face them in America. Let’s hope his family will be safe. Let’s hope that his work in exposing underhand activities by governments, and that his mission to have open honest discussion on ALL issues and plans which are carried out by those who wield the power in the world, is continued by Wikileaks.


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