Julian Assange In Time Magazine 2010

Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

Julian Assange has come very close to winning Time Magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’.

Great to see the WikiLeaks founder ranking so highly in what is probably the world’s most forefront political magazine.

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has just been named Time Magazine’s “Person of The Year”, but Julian Assange was rated among readers as being equal to Mark Zuckerberg. It was the Time Magazine panel who finally chose the Facebook creator and chief executive and placed Julian Assange third in their “Person Of The Year Award” ratings.

Movie director Ken Loach has said of Julian Assange: “I think the work he has done has been a public service. I think we are entitled to know the dealings of those that govern us”, and his opinion is obviously shared by the majority of people all over the world.

Censorship of Press? : We have seen demonstrations of support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in many places outside of America, and little or none at all from America. I wonder if our NZ news coverage on recent American demonstrations of support for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is being monitored? Censored? America is a big place, and although the politicians there have damned WikiLeaks’ actions, there must be a huge amount of support from the American public for Julian Assange and his mission for truth and honesty and peace to prevail in government. Yet our New Zealand newspapers are not telling us this.

The American people rose up in the late 1960’s and 1970’s and joined the world in protesting about the Viet-Nam war – I am sure it will happen again over the plight of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, and what seems to be his mission in ending the war in Afghanistan.

On our after midnight BBC News coverage in NZ this morning, we were told that Julian Assange had been granted bail at last, after being held in prison at Wandsworth Prison since 7 December 2010. He has been sharing the same cell which was once used by Oscar Wilde.

Julian Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, described Wandsworth Prison as “Orwellian” and expressed his relief at Julian Assange’s successful bid for bail in the High Court, which happened only hours ago.

Today is the 18 December, 2010. Yesterday, President Obama announced that the war in Afghanistan will END SOON: Troops are going to be withdrawn as from July next year, 2011, so he says.

Thankyou Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks team: You deserve nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize next year, as well as the “Time Person Of The Year” award. This war has been a long time ending, and it is most surely due to your assiduous reporting in releasing Afghanistan war logs, which include war crimes, loss of lives, wastage of money and resources, and military blunders, that the end of this war has been precipitated.

Barack Obama has given a negative viewpoint regarding Julian Assange and his work on the WikiLeaks website. This viewpoint was published just three days ago, the 15 December 2010, in our NZ Herald.

Barack Obama’s stance is not really surprising. I like President Obama, and it is just great to have a black man as president of the USA……However, he has his hands tied, just like all the presidents of the past few decades. Being thus incapacitated, he has limited powers in matters of governance and policy making. He only does and says what those powerful stringpullers and ventriloquists, who sit hidden behind the scenes, tell him to say and do. Like show and tell.

These hidden stringpullers are the real controllers of America and the world.

So far, President Obama seems to have lost his own voice. When he finds it again, perhaps he might, hopefully, stand up for Julian Assange and his fight for freedom of speech, for transparency and honesty in all government dealings: These things are just as important as the anti-apartheid cause was and still is today.

As one banner said, which was being held up outside the court in London where Julian Assange attempted to get bail two days ago : EXPOSING WAR CRIMES IS NOT A CRIME.

It is wonderful that Julian Assange has been released on bail today (17th December in the UK). Of course, he should never have been held in prison without being formally charged anayway. Let’s hope and pray that the American authorities do nothing mean and nasty to prevent him carrying on with his work in exposing the governnment lies which serve to support the American government in any underhand business they wish to involve themselves in.

As Julian Assange said today, as he embraced his mother Christine whilst talking to Australian media outside the country manor where he is to stay for the next few weeks:

“This is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of the beginning”.

Support for Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks team is growing all over the world. The revelations of the exposed WikiLeaks information has alerted many people who might otherwise have thought that there was nothing to worry about. One example is right here in New Zealand:

One of WikiLeaks posts has informed us that the Waihopai Spy Base in New Zealand is most definitely linked up to international intelligence networks. This is something that many of us instinctively felt to be the case: We were sure that our politicians have been lying to us about the purpose of the Waihopai Base ever since it began its operations.
We have been told emphatically by our Government Communications Security Bureau that the Waihopai base is nothing more than a facility to help our own security, and that it will prevent terrorist attacks in New Zealand.

Lies, lies, lies, from our government: They have maintained that the Waihopai Communications outfit is not helping overseas governments in any way, and is not connected to any secret service organizations.

WikiLeaks have given us the truth and revealed to us that the Waihopai Communications base is actually part of the ‘Five Eyes Intelligence” alliance. This very fact in itself will make us, more than anything else, more prone to terrorist attacks, simply because this communications base allies us to the greater powers: We will be seen to be assisting them with their covert operations by the rest of the world. Covert operations include a war in Afghanistan which has been declared as ILLEGAL by the former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan.

Good to see the NZ Herald publishing just ONE letter on this issue over the weekend 18-19 December, 2010. This was by Russell Hoban, of Ponsonby, Auckland, new Zealand. I hope the Herald keeps publishing these letters of objection, and does not put a stop to these letters, as they did when MAF were illegally spraying Aucklanders by helicopter and aeroplane with toxic chemicals about five to eight years ago.

Censorship Of New Zealand News: When the leading newspaper in Auckland refused to discuss the spraying of toxic chemicals over Auckland, we, the people who were affected, had NO VOICE. We were effectively silenced, because, without the media informing the nation of what was REALLY going on, people thought that the MAF scheme was doing us a favour: this was because the papers and television were paid huge sums by MAF and the New Zealand government, to hoodwink the public and tell us outright lies.

MAF apple moth spraying: Be good if Wikileaks can give us the REAL reason this massive spraying scheme continued for so long, poisoning Aucklanders, making them sick, and for no good reason. A powerful overseas chemical company MUST have been behind this. It would have cost millions of dollars overall. All praise and glory to Victoria University, whose medical people proved, finally, that the spray WAS adversely affecting the health of Auckland people. This is what stopped the poisoning of Aucklanders by aerial spraying of toxic chemicals.

Auckland poisoning by MAF and the New Zealand government: The government got away with it for several years, maintaining that it was harmless. Our newspaper blocked the publishing of any adverse news or information on the subject, and only provided us with large expensive ads put in the paper by MAF, the government organization which was controlling the experiment.

We desperately need WikiLeaks and other like organizations which inform us of what is really going on.

We should dismantle this spy base at Waihopai, or at least make the same facility available to all counties, big and small, all over the world. No country, or group of countries, should be permitted to carry out clandestine activities for their own advantages, without the consent of the people that they govern, and without considering the welfare of people everywhere.

All wars should be stopped.

WikiLeaks and the Dalai Lama: WikiLeaks have revealed the national government’s lack of support for the Dalai lama. We ‘in the know’ already knew this, but it is good to have the government’s stance confirmed.

The Dalai lama should be free to travel and promote peace anywhere in the world without being blocked by either the Chinese government, or USA, OR the New Zealand government.

Attempts were made in NZ by the ‘Auckland Chinese Businessmen’s Association’ to block his visit. This obviously suited our national government, who pandered to the Chinese businessmen’s association by not allowing the Dalai Lama into New Zealand for a time.
Eventually, the government DID let the Dalai lama come here, but his visit was not celebrated by our government.

Distraction Staged To Detract From the 2009 Dalai Lama’s visit to Auckland: Indeed, the effect of the visit was profoundly undermined and undervalued on the day of his first talk here, by a clever manipulation of the public: Auckland City Council gave consent to a demonstration being staged down Queen street at the same time as the Dalai Lama’s talk, for some issue of mild national interest which had nothing to do with the Dalai Lama and his promotion of peace. This would have suited the Chinese Businessman’s Association of Auckland, AND the NZ Government.


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