Julian Assange Supported By Kevin Rudd 2010

Message of Support to Julian Assange

Australia Will Fight For Julian Assange who has been jailed in London for a crime he is probably not guilty of.

Just yesterday, Julian Assange was arrested for a dubious charge of rape, and seized in order to silence him in his mission, which is to expose secret American documents to the world via the internet site, WikiLeaks. He has not been formally charged, but is being held in police custody anyhow.

Good on you Kevin Rudd: Kevin Rudd is on the forefront again, in at least one aspect of Australian politics. Kevin Rudd was the premier of Australia before he was suddenly ousted, in what appeared to be a rather underhand manner, by Ms Gillard earlier in the year.

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd featured on BBC News during the night. He has said that the Australian Government will support Julian Assange in making sure that he gets a fair trial, and that he has good legal representation. To this effect, Kevin Rudd has sent a message of support to Julian Assange who is in jail in London, saying also that the blame for the leaks of classified information lies on the American personel, and not on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Mr Rudd says that the people who did the leaking are legally liable, and NOT Mr Assange. Mr Rudd says that too many people had access to the information which was published on WikiLeaks.

BBC News reporter said that there was speculation over Kevin Rudd’s support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, that perhaps the reason why Mr Rudd has suddenly come out in support of Julian Assange after Premier Julia Gilliard damned Mr Assange’s actions, is because of his ousting by Julia Gilliard earlier in the year. BBC suggested that this might be Mr Rudd’s opportunity for revenge, in more ways than one:

Mr Rudd was himself the subject of one of WikiLeaks’ postings: He was described by BBC News as being a ‘victim’ of WikiLeaks’ exposing certain documents, but actually, WikiLeaks have done Mr Rudd a favour in pointing out to him, via the leak, where his allies do or do not lie, to coin a phrase.

Kevin Rudd had been described in information which WikiLeak revealed, as ‘a mistake prone control freak’, criticized for his foreign policy, and had been accused of not consulting allies. All this had been sent from the US Embassy in Canberra, to Washington, where it was received by US secretaries of State, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Kevin Rudd was reported on BBC News as saying he ‘couldn’t give a damn’ about the slurs.

Mr Rudd is, like Julian Assange, an Australian citizen and a Queenslander. Personally, I think that kevin Rudd is a decent and fair minded individual who would have stuck up for Julian Assange anyway, even if he had not been slurred by the US Embassy in Canberra.

God knows, we need you Kevin Rudd. Without your influence and good efforts towards defending Julian Assange, things would look very bleak indeed. The NZ Herald today has an article which says that top American politicians want julian Assange back in USA so that he can be executed. What an outrage. What a violation of human rights.

There is obviously no real ‘free speech’ in America.

Assange should be REWARDED for his work in exposing the lies and deceits of governments, including those of the United States of America.

Film director Ken Loach, who offered 20,000 pounds in bail for Julian Assange to be released, is reported as saying that: “I think the work he has done has been a public service. I think we are entitled to know the dealings of those that govern us”.

Other eminent people who offered bail in support of Julian Assange’s release were journalist John Pilger, and Jemima Khan, who is the sister of Tory MP Zac Goldsmith.

However, Mr Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was refused bail by the judge, and continues to be held in jail.

Rape Charges

The charges of rape against Julian Assange, which emanate from Sweden, have been described as ‘ABSURD’. One wonders how much these women have been paid by CIA, or Mafia, whoever, to say that theywere mistreated by Julian Assange. The second woman says that he took advantage of her while she was asleep in the same bed with him.


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