Murdo MacDonald-Bayne’s 1947 Spiritual Healing Book 2006

This post contains excerpts from Murdo MacDonald-Bayne’s beautifully written and easy to follow book on Spiritual Healing.This healing book remains a classic in healing literature today, over 60 years after it was first published.

Much of the following is duplicated from Lecture 5 Directing The Power Within The Patient: page 73. The idea of duplicating excerpts of Murdo’s book is to promote the idea of Spiritual Healing, and to promote his book, which you can buy.

Spiritual and Mental Healing, by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, Mystica Publications Ltd, P.O. Box 13-581, Christchurch, New Zealand. New Revised Paperback Edition 2006.

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First published in United Kingdom in 1947 by L.N.Fowler & Co. Ltd.

Murdo gives guidance on the mind-set and attitude of the Spiritual Healer on Page 89 : Immediately you see that that condition is not a condition of the Spirit, but a condition of the mortal state which has no power of its own, then it is easier for you to eliminate the condition. Immediately you see a condition as a permanency, this is registered in your own mind, thus creating a barrier against the Healing Power. Your attitude towards the patient and towards his trouble is more than 50 per cent of the cure. So invoke the power of the Master to aid you in dispersing the disease which has no power of its own and reveal the true nature of things to the patient.

Obedience is one of the things you must demand of the patient. You know the Law and you must make the patient obedient. Remember that the harmonious conditions of the nerve currents of the body are absolutely necessary to get response, and these are controlled and directed by the will. When the Healing Power of the Spirit is received by the nervous system it is distributed to the blood and tissues.

Each nerve is composed of a bundle of nerve fibres or tubes, and each of the nerve trunks has numerous bundles of nerve fibres, each bundle having its sheath, enabling it to conduct independently of the other. The nerves conduct and convey information. They are intellegent, therefor they are the home and seat of the Intelligence. The nerves receive and require nourishment from the blood, they receive and require nerve energy, they convey sensation and feeling, and they also convey the nourishment of the Spirit through the Mind.

The nervous system is perhaps the most important physical organism to recognise in healing. It is most imortant because it is through the nervous system you deal actually with the Intelligence. Both nervous systems, the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal, work in unison.

By my method both nervous systems, the cerebro-spinal and sympathetic, are combined in the treatment. The cerebro -spinal system deals with the voluntary processes and the sympathetic nervous system deals with the involuntary process of the body.

The solar plexus is the abdominal brain of the sympathetic nervous system. The motor nerves act upon the muscles and any stimulus to the motor nerves produces physical action. In the case of paralysis you will find the muscles will begin to act, provided that you get co-operation between yourself and the patient, but if the patient does not co-operate with you nothing will happen; the patient must learn to co-operate.

You must be hard and fast regarding these rules, otherwise you are wasting yhour time. If you do not get co-operation with the patient then there is no movement. Some of you have seen it in patients that come to me; there is actual movement of the muscles; besides that, the sympathetic nervous system acts upon the cell life, circulation of the blood, and functional organism.
The sympathetic nervous system possesses two ganglionic chains running parallel to the whole vertebral column. These nerves have within themselves intelligence, the aid of understanding. As a matter of fact the brain is no longer the sole interpreter of the organs. A message is first understood and sensed by the nerve centre associated with that organ. The brain is informed of the matter and aids the sensation by bestowing attention upon it. When there is a pain in evidence, this pain will disappear as soom as the nerve currents have been established. The harmonious action of the force aids in stilling pain and creates an electrical current of nerve energy, re-establishing the interrupted circuit, then the brain influences the nerves controlling the blood, causing a therapeutic action to take place. Here, then, is a wonderful mechanism working towards the elimination of the trouble and bringing about the healthy state, which is the natural state.

When we come to the physical aspect we learn of the nerves leading into the vital parts of the body. We will see how the reflex points affect a particular organ and how that organ can be stimulated into action by manipulation and reflexing of the reflex point. That comes in the physical part of the Course, when we will deal also with diet, exercises, deportment and the laws of the structural organism. Abnormal pressures on nerve terminals are often the cause of many troubles, and these have to be removed.

Very often, in my healing work, a patient has a spinal condition that returns after I have put it right. For wxample, a patient came back saying, ‘I still have the pain.’ I said, ‘What do you do?’ He said he carried milk cans. I asked: ‘You carry the milk can in your right hand all the time.’ He replied, Yes.’ I told him to carry it in his left hand also. The next time he came back his pain was all gone.

You see, it is necessary to know what to do. If you sit over a typewriter all day long and then go home and sit over a book all night, you are bound to develop trouble in the 4th, 5th or 6th dorsal, which in tun affects the organs associated with the nerves in that area. You must learn the law of compensation. One must be able to guide the funcionts of the body into healthy channels. It is preventing the patient from violating the laws that makes the cure permanent.

On the Out-Pouring of the Divine Energy, which eliminates the condition, Murdo says:

No negative condition exists in the spiritual body; it exists only in the physical,mental and emotional bodies of the mortal self. Your mental body is saturated with your imagination; your emotional body is where you have your emotion reactions.

These bodies interpenetrate one another and whatever is in your mind tends to out-picture on the mental, emotional and physical bodies because theyt interpenetrate each other, so we see that evfen in the mortal sense there is no separation either. Our thoughts and emotions tend to out-picture in the physical.

Murdo says: One Mind, one Universal Substance: there is but one Body and one Mind. He links this to Christian tought – that this is what Paul understood to be the Body of Christ. Really, our bodies extend everwhere and our minds are an extension of the Mind Principle, says Murdo, therefore your ethereal body and the ethereal body of the patient are mingled together; also, your minds are in tune with the Univerasal Mind, and by directing the Power you energise his ethereal body and his mental body correspondingly, according to your own Power and development, according to your own belief, according to your understanding.


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