Remember Julian Assange 2011

Freedom of Speech

The uprising in Libya, and the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand have been the main focal points in the news recently. Julian Assange’s imprisonment was played down by media before these events, and now we have very little information about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks coming through.

In the Fight For Freedom of Speech and Love of Truth
Freedom of Truth Lover,
Julian Assange,
Who has done nothing wrong, he swears, no rape, no act of violence,
Wrongly accused

Simply telling the truth,
But the truth has hurt,
Hurt the feelings of the Almighty God of the Nations,
The U. S. of A.
God will not forsake you,
We hope,
Because God saves the righteous.
Jesus himself threw the money-lenders out of the temple. He went around preaching about love and truth and honesty, the need to look after the poor, and the need to be fair and square in all our dealings.
Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks team, and all their supporters, have proved that the USA are like the money lenders. They have lied, whilst hiding behind their masks of authority and fear-mongering. And now they are punishing him for exposing their lies, their mistakes.
Very very easy for a powerful government such as the USA to devise a scheme which totally destroys a man’s life, his credibility, and his ability to carry on preaching ‘the word’. In effect, they have shut down the works of WikiLeaks, and now they threaten to have Julian Assange put to trial in America for telling us the truth, the things we need to know, the things which the powers that be have kept hidden away from us.
And God help the poor young man who is accused of supplying secret documents to WikiLeaks: Not much is published in our papers on Julian Assange, and there is even less on the young man who sits in a high security prison right now, awaiting trial for espionage.
As one supporter of Julian Assange said on his placard, which he held up outside the court where it was decided last week that Julian Assange will be extradited to Sweden, :”It is the USA Government who should be put on trial”. NOT Julian Assange, or the young man who is being held in jail in the USA for divulging ‘secrets’.
In a democracy, our governors are only there in charge of things because WE voted them in – they are our representatives only, and this should not give them the right to lie to us, and to sneak about, running their own hidden agendas, or to underhandedly collaborate with other powers to serve their own , secret, vested interests.
Like Julian Assange says, everything should be open.
Everything should be transparent. Nothing should be hidden.
If people are honest and true, then they should have nothing to fear, nothing to hide.
This is what Julian Assange and WikiLeaks believe. This is what these freedom-of-speech fighters are trying to achieve.
America is supposed to be, primarily, a Christian Nation. But where is the Christianity in what you are doing here? This is another lie, this time to try and get the man silenced who has brought you all to task.
He has not committed any crime. He has not even been formally charged for any rape.
America, why can’t you own up and acknowledge your misdeeds and mistakes.
Why can’t you simply apologise, and let him go?
You should be accountable, just as everyone else in society is.
Pray for Julian Assange, the private who has been held in jail, and all WikiLeaks supporters.
Do all within your power to have him freed: Pray, and talk about the issue with people.
Support him and WikiLeaks in every way that you can. And let’s hope that America sees the folly of her ways, begins to embrace the truth, and gives all those being wrongfully held in jail back their freedom.
Pray that the USA, and all governments who are holding activists in jail, who are torturing people and disallowing free speech, will have a change of heart which will result in humanitarian ideals taking precedence over anything else.


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