Support Arrested Julian Assange and WikiLeaks 2010

Sexual Assault Charges Trumped Up

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange is no doubt the target for CIA and other spy organisations right now. They have obviously trumped these charges up of sexual assault so that they can get him detained, and have his internet activities on the WikiLeaks information site curbed.

One suspects, now, that the CIA and other powers that be have taken advantage of that common human failing, namely, jealousy which arises from the affairs of the heart, in order to manipulate a drama which could spell dire consequences for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

This drama has resulted in Julian Assange being charged and, so far, jailed without bail, for crimes he says he is innocent of. Even when he is proven innocent, his being jailed for a time will have the effect of slurring his character in the public eye.

BBC News reported early this morning, NZ time, 15 December,2010, that Julian Assange was successful in his second bid to be given bail. This has just occurred only a few hours ago. As we watched the coverage from London where he went to Westminster Magistrate’s Court, we saw the surety of bail rising from 200,ooo pounds, to 240,000 pounds. It finally rested at 380,000 pounds, but I guess even that figure could go up. At least ten emminent people offered the bail for Julian Assange to be freed.

But Swedish authorities are appealing the bail conditions, and they will lodge a formal complaint within the next few hours. They will have 48 hours to contest the bail granted to Julian Assange. Let’s hope they are not successful.

Julian Assange desperately needs to get out of jail so that he can work with his lawyers to fight the sexual assault charges against him, and the very serious one of espionage, which Washington is reportedly getting set to arrest him for. The sexual assault charges are obviously all part and parcel of the same Washington package which is designed to curtail the whistle-blowing activities of Julian Assanage and WikiLeaks.

The Rape Scenario

At centre stage to the Swedish rape allegation drama, it appears that we have two women, with probably 100’s more eager beavers waiting in the wings, vying for Julian Assange’s affections and attentions.

The first attention seeker is an older woman, described as a feminist in a recent newspaper report. She is non the less obviously still as keen as mustard to bend over backwards for the illustrious Julian Assange. She has since said that the condom which the pair were using had broken whilst they were actively engaged. And, it seems, her allegations of sexual assault are based around this event.

Attention seeker number two is a younger woman, described as being in her twenties. She was the one who sought out woman number one, to tell her of her own affair with Julian Assange, and to persuade the woman number one to join her in going to the authorities to press charges of sexual assault against Julian Assange.

Attention seeker number two is the one who says that Julian Assange took advantage of her while she was asleep in the same bed with him, and that he did not wear a condom.

WERE THESE WOMEN PAID to make these charges?

I wonder how much money these women were given by CIA or Interpol agents, whatever, to persuade them to go through with this scam?

Or was it just the second, younger woman who was paid? The first older woman might have been angered enough, and motivated by jealousy, to ‘spring’ Julian when she discovered, after being told by the younger woman, that Julian A had favoured the younger woman over her.

Well, the charges of sexual assault were quite rightly dropped by the judge in Sweden when the case was taken to court.

Then, a couple of months later, after 100’s more WikiLeaks revelations coming out to embarass the US government, and others too, more ‘evidence’ has suddenly materialized which has led to the arrest of Julian Assange in London.

The timing is of great interest: These charges of sexual assault were made within 9 days of Julian Assange’s arrival in Stockholm. The first girl-friend, remember, went to the authorities only after girl-friend number two had approached her to tell her her story.

Woman number one had been communicating witgh Julian Assange for quite some time before his visit to Sweden, and she was apparently very happy to be in the company of Julian Assange. She let him use her flat whilst she was out of town, then, when she returned, she held a celebratory cray-fish party in honour of the WikiLeaks founder, and she shared her bed with him.

New Zealand Herald, via Independent, Reuter, Dec. 9 2010, quotes her message on Twitter as saying

“Sitting outside nearly freezing with the world’s coolest people……It’s pretty amazing”….She later tried to erase this message off the Twitter site.

Julian Assange had gone to Sweden to seek refuge, hoping to take advantage of ‘some of the strongest source protection in the world’, which he deemed necessary after WikiLeaks had angered the US government by releasing thousands of sensitive army logs from Afghanistan.

Julian Assange today is reported as saying

“My convictions are unfaltering. I remain true to the ideals I have always expressed”……
He is determined that the events of the past few weeks, which have seen him being held without being formally charged for a crime which he says he is innocent of, only prove his point, namely that corruption exists within the governments of the great powers, and that we need organizations such as WikiLeaks to tell us the bald, bland truth.
He says that “We now know that Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are instruments of US foreign policy. It’s not something we knew before. I am calling on the world to protect my work and my people from these illegal and immoral acts”.

Note: Visa, Mastercard and Paypal credit organizations which had formerly taken donations for WikiLeaks, withdrew their facilities as a financial link to WikiLeaks after Julian Assange was arrested.

Much, much more to come on this. I am using a library computer which allows me only half an hour of writing at a time. Time has expired. Back tomorrow.



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