Who Won the Nobel Peace Prize 2010

Nobel Peace Prize 2010

President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize last year in 2009. The new winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 has just been announced: Human Rights Campaigner Liu Xiaobo.

Postscript: Today is the 12th Nov. 2010. It was announced last night on BBC television that Liu Xiaobo is not going to be allowed to attend the ceremony in Copenhagen to accept his Nobel Peace Prize. He has been jailed in China, as the Chinese government do not like Liu Xiaobo’s criticism of the Chinese communist government. Freedom of speech is not allowed in China, and this is one of the points Liu Xiaobo has protested about.

Today is the 9th October 2010 in New Zealand. This great news came across BBC World News Service in the early hours of this morning: That the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010 has gone to Chinese Human Rights Worker Liu Xiaobo. What a fantastic thing.

Chinese Human Rights Atrocities: Liu Xiaobo was active in the 1989 Tianenmen Square demonstration in Beijing, where he helped many people to escape. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, including young students, lost their lives due to the Chinese military killing people there as they demonstrated against the tactics of the oppressive Chinese Government.

Massacre at Tianenmen Square: The outcome of this demonstration, where many people were shot and beaten to death, is exactly the thing which these poor people were demonstrating about – the ruthlessness of the Chinese Government, the lack of Freedom of Speech, and the ‘silencing’ of dissidents or anyone who opposes the methods of the Chinese Government. These demonstrators suffered for their efforts: If they did not die during the attack by the military, or were killed afterwards, then they have been subsequently sought out and jailed by the Chinese authorities, just as Liu Xiaobo has been.

Religion Is Banned in China: Many people in China have been killed for their religious beliefs, or jailed, or tortured: – Falun gong and Buddhism, or any other religion, are not allowed. The Chinese Communist Government is the ultimate authority: No code of religious ethics or morals is allowed to co-exist alongside the government standard. What they say is what you must do, even if it means terminating someone’s life. There is no repect for life, and no ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’ kind of code of honour. The government demands the respect and praise which we would normally reserve for God.

Liu Xiaobo is currently in jail serving a sentence of eleven years for his on-going criticism of the Chinese Government. He has defied the authorities despite threat of jail or death, and openly condemned the actions of the Chinese government military at Beijing as a violation of human rights. He has spoken out about the silencing of dissidents in China.

Liu Xiaobo who was jailed for what the Chinese Government described as ‘subversion’, has already served two years of this sentence.

The Chinese Government warned the Nobel Prize Committee against giving Liu Xiaobo the prize, but, thankfully, the Nobel Prize Committee ignored the Chinese Government. The Chinese Government are angry and say that giving the award to Liu Xiaobo is ‘blasphemous’.

Liu Xiaobo’s wife was interviewed on BBC News. She was asked about her concerns that Liu Xiaobo might be treated even more harshly because of his having won the Nobel Peace Prize. Her response was that Liu Xiaobo considered he was lucky to be alive, as so many people died in the Tianenmen Square demonstration, and that he had a duty to speak out for those who lost their lives.


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