Robyn Malcom Against John Key’s Policies In New Zealand

Outrageous Fortune star Robyn Malcom has spoken out about John Key, leader of the National Party in New Zealand.


Good on you Robyn Malcom. I have been saying similar things about the current National Party policies for a long time now, in my posts on But to have these things said openly by someone with a huge public profile, just two weeks or so before the election, is to be highly commended. The reason I commend Robin Malcom’s outspokenness, is because these things have to be said, to counteract the media’s stance, because the media are still openly in favour of John Key.

The media give John Key favourable press no matter what he does, no matter his faux-pas, no matter how long John Key’s government takes to get to the scene of a crisis such as the Rena oil-spill out from Tauranga. No matter that there are 30,000 more people out of jobs now, since the National Party took over – or that these people have LOST their jobs because of National Party’s lack of protection of the workers, which has forced them to take welfare. Whereas the media will always give Phil Goff from Labour the hardest time, even when Phil Goff and his Labour Party have not yet done anything to deserve criticism, , because Phil Goff hasn’t yet had a term in power.

The media tell us – I think it was on the same ‘Campbell Live’ programme mentioned below, or a Channel One show – that ‘John Key is the most popular Prime Minister of all time in New Zealand’. Well, who said this? This is probably the result of some television channel’s biased polls. I should think that Labour Party’s Helen Clark would be the most popular Prime Minister of all time in New Zealand, because she was voted in three times running, and should have got in again, but for the huge publicity campaign of National’s, which told all the sheep in New Zealand that ‘it was time for a change’ – These sheep jumped on the band wagon, giving no thought about the possibility that this change might actually see the country go backward, socially, economically, and environmentally. Well, as we have found out, that band wagon of National’s was on its way to the freezing works.

These results given by television, I believe, do not show a true and accurate result of the public’s true feelings regarding John Key and his government. These television polls are designed to give the National Party and its leader Key a more favourable result than that of the Labour Party, which is led by Phil Goff. Because, for some stupid reason, even the media are duped by the wealth and success of this businessman Mr John Key, who is more fit to be running a business and making money than taking care of a country, its environment, and its people.

But just wait. I do believe that the tables are turning for National, and that the Labour Party is rising in popularity, simply because the people are beginning to see the Labour Party policies as being more sound than National’s. For a start, Labour do not believe in selling off more of our assets. But National still want to sell off the family silver, along with the land, to any overseas, rich, prospective buyer, it seems. You can’t get your property back again once it has been sold off. Once it has gone, then we all become the tenants of the owners of our facilities , land and assets. We will all be beholden, except for the very rich in this country, to whoever holds the purse-strings, just like the serfs, the slaves, the workers, on the landed properties of the gentry in Victorian England and elsewhere. Which is why I am praying that Labour will win the election – to save the assets, and build a fair, equitable, eco-friendly, productive and harmonious society.

And – talking of slaves and serfs – John Key has stated that it is a good thing that there are so many low-paid workers in New Zealand, because this will encourage corporate outfits from overseas to set up in New Zealand, to take advantage of the many poor workers here. He said earlier in the year that he wants to reduce by half the already small minimum wage which young people get. Another reason not to vote National, but to vote for Labour who will raise the minimum wage from $13.00 to $15.00. (Actually, the latest on John Key’s lowering of the minimum wage, 9th November 2011, is that his government will lower it to $10 odd. But this is still a bad thing for families, when the minimum wage desperately needs to be raised)

It is important to BUILD in all aspects of our economy and environment and social welfare – NOT to abandon, and reduce, and penalize, and give away the very things which we need to survive, such as land which grows food, electricity stations, and other assets, not to mention housing. The Labour Party under Phil Goff’s leadership, is all set to address these important issues.

Robin Malcom’s criticism of John Key is very timely, and necessary, if the stance of New Zealand’s television personel is to be challenged. Even John Campbell, who is extra polite and accommodating when talking with the Samoan Rugby players, or any rugby players for that matter, or John Key himself, came across as being impatient and intolerant when he was interviewing Labour Party leader Phil Goff, on Monday night’s ‘Campbell Live’ show. He was gruff and entirely unpleasant, I thought.

HOWEVER – PHIL GOFF came across as well-spoken, intelligent, and composed, outlying his policies with clear-sightedness and vision, and was unphased by John Campbell’s rude reception. Phil Goff is defying television media’s profile of him: Phil Goff is proving that he will make a good leader of this country, by his composure, and by his intelligent, caring, and thoughtful words of wisdom. This man has a PLAN.

Phil Goff made it clear that for society to function well and harmoniously, the poorer people have to be helped so that they can look forward to an education, and job prospects, much the same as wealthy people do. And for that objective to be achieved, first, the poor people of New Zealand must have enough food to feed their families. Food is essential for children’s health, and in giving them a sense of self worth. The first thing, if education is to be of any use, is a full tummy. If you are hungry, then sitting in a class-room all day is not going to get you anywhere, as you will not be able to remember any of the things taught in the day. If you are hungry, the over-riding factor in your mindset will be the gnawing pains in your tummy.

So – Phil Goff’s Labour Party has promised $60 a week extra to all families who are struggling. This is just fantastic. Making sure that the poorer families in society have enough to eat will help to improve the quality of life for these children, help them to make use of that education, which, in turn, will help to prevent criminal activity in the later life of these children. More food and care now will result in these children having a decent chance to live a happy life and become responsible, caring contributors to our society.

Yes, I believe, as does Robyn Malcom, that John Key is more interested in having his sleek grin pasted onto the front cover of the ‘Woman’s Weekly’ than doing anything for the environment, or the jobless, or the people on the treadmill of existence who earn only a basic wage, when rents are impossibly high and our cost of living in New Zealand exceeds that of any other developed country in the civilized world. His capitalistic motives are to make the rich richer, and to keep the poor, who are the work-force for the corporate companies, as poor as when they started out. This is what the global protests against corporate greed are all about. Corporate greed is keeping the whole world poor. Note that our television channels in NZ failed to tell us anything of significance about the global protests against corporate and government powers, or anything about the demonstration which occured in our own Aotea Square, which was a satellite support deomonstration against corporate greed. The protests in 82 countries around the world were given good coverage on BBC television.

Phil Goff, leader of the Labour Party, and the Greens, have a clear and lucid stance on their intentions to help the poor, and those struggling to keep their families alive. They want to raise the minimum wage to $15 for all, which is a good start in helping people. They want to give $60 a week extra to all struggling families. Another socially responsible act of humanity. They want to stop asset sales, which is another sign of responsible custodianship.

Phil Goff will make an excellent Prime Minister because of his responsible nature and his consideration for the machinations of society and its people.


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