Art-Activism To Free Ai Weiwei In China 2011

No Decent Human Rights In China

Well known, well loved Chinese artist and activist for freedom of speech and human rights in China was arrested several weeks ago, on April 5th 2011, and has not been heard of since. He has literally been ‘disappeared’.

All Ai Weiwei’s websites which portray his art and his promote his ideals of free speech and humanitarian rights, have been ‘vanished’ from the internet. There is no trace in China now, or on any Chinese art web-sites, that he ever existed. No doubt that the Chinese government would have destroyed any of his art work which remained in China.

A friend sent me interesting information just yesterday about a plan which avaaz has in mind to protest for Ai Weiwei’s release. The idea is to use ‘art-activism’ to make a stand for Ai Weiwei’s release.

The Beijing International Arts Expo is coming up. There are already around 15 countries who are planning to exhibit art works at this exhibition. Boycotting such a big international event as the Beijing International Arts Festival will bring attention to the matter of human rights in China: It could help to see a change there in much the same way as the boycotting of South African rugby eventually helped to see apartheid abolished in South Africa, and helped to get Mandela freed.

Boycott the Chinese International Arts Festival: The Venice Biennale is coming up. It is hoped that the plan to boycott the Beijing International arts Expo will be launched at the Venice Biennale. This will be a great opportunity to get the interest of all international artists exhibiting at the Venice Biennale.

It is important that the Chinese government free Ai Weiwei, and that all other political prisoners who have committed no crime be released. We pray that this goes, too, for those being held unjustly in America and Britain: Sgnt Bradley Manning who gave information to WikiLeaks about US war crimes in Afghanistan is still being held at Guantanamo Detention Centre where he is reportedly being mistreated. And what about Julian Assange? The media is again very silent on his plight. Julian Assange was arrested in Britain without charge and is still being held either in Britain, or Sweden, where he might have been extradited. Same thing again – Julian Assange has done nothing wrong. He has only dared to publish some of the USA’s underhand activities of war and suchlike, which the world really deserves to know about.

Truth and transparency are the things we want, and we need people like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks, , Ai Weiwei and others, to help keep the world honest and impel people to make changes for the better.

Look at my previous post entitled ‘Free Ai Weiwei/Appeal For His Release’ to see avaaz/s email to a friend, which i put up only yesterday. For more information go to …..or…… …. I have published avaaz’s email to a friend on this post which was sent to me only yesterday.


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