Christchurch Man-Made Earthquake and Fracking in Huntly NZ

Scientists Simulated an Earthquake in Christchurch yesterday, to test the durability of buildings. What madness is this? Do these scientists have simply ZERO common sense? ANY activity such as fracking, or exploding devices underground should be avoided completely, especially in the Christchurch region, which has already suffered two devastating earthquakes with after-shocks happening by the day. The end result of fracking, or setting off of explosives underground, is – not hard to guess – more earthquakes.

Two fracking sites in the UK were recently closed down because they caused small earthquakes. Toxic material also leached into the ground, and into the water supply of these areas where fracking was done.

On the news last night, just as we heard that fracking has started in Huntly, New Zealand, with many residents feeling the ground shaking there as a result of the fracking process, we were told that a simulated earthquake shook Christchurch yesterday, 17th April, 2012. This man-made earthquake in Christchurch was a magnitude 7.5, and it was located on the site of the old stadium. Footage showed the ground rippling quite violently after the explosives were ignited underground.

This test explosion, to simulate an earthquake is a stupid thing. Academic degrees are not necessarily a measurement of someone’s ability to think clearly or logically or practically. These so-called experts ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’, as the saying goes.

Some government members suffer from the same sort of blindness – John Key’s government has approved fracking for the Christchurch-Canterbury region, which is another madness. Fracking is known to cause earthquakes, and many countries have outlawed fracking because of its earthquake-risk, as well as the poisoning of the environment which it causes. Yet NZ has approved fracking in the very region which is most earthquake prone at the moment.

This is possibly why this experiment was done to simulate a large earthquake yesterday – to see if any buildings fell down or were damaged from a 7.5 magnitude quake. This could have been an experiment conducted for the purpose of building a pro-fracking argument. No damage to buildings after a 7.5 quake could give the go-ahead for the frackers. But this is faulty logic too – just because the local buildings withstood this one quake does not mean that these buildings will not suffer with more successive quakes, or even from continued disturbances underground such as the vibrations from fracking.

Last I heard, the Christchurch council were opposing the government’s plan to allow fracking in the Canterbury region. So why did they allow this explosion to CAUSE and earthquake to go ahead, right in the middle of their city? Pressure from the government and pressure from the fracking companies, I would say.

Councillors be warned – Don’t allow the frackers into your region. It WILL cause more earthquakes. Damage from more earthquakes could cost the region far more than any profit gained from allowing companies to frack for oil or gases. Such environmentally risky processes as fracking should be out-lawed in New Zealand, such as they are in many other more environmentally aware parts of the world.


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