Earthquakes In NZ As Mercury Goes Direct July 21 2013

Big Earthquakes today, as Mercury takes on its Direct motion again. The changeover has been more disruptive this time, as Uranus has just changed to Retrograde, which it did on the 17th July, at 1.19AM GMT. This would have been 1.19 PM on the 18th July, NZ time, which was around when the shakes began down South.

Two large earthquakes hit China on the 22nd July NZ time, around 24 hours after the big shake in NZ. These were in the Gansu Province, near Dingxi city. One earthquake measured 5.98, and an hour later, a 5.6 quake struck the same area. BBC reported that at least 75 people were killed, and several hundred have been injured.

An approaching Full Moon has intensified the influences of Mercury and Uranus.

Mercury changed its motion today from Retrograde to Direct at 2.21AM, 21st July, 2013, New Zealand time. It has been in its Retrograde cycle the past 3 weeks, the first of which was timed with Saturn’s end of its Retrograde cycle. Saturn went Direct on the 8th July, 2013, which was after Mercury had had one week of its Retrograde cycle.

I warned about the possibility of strong earthquakes around the 21st July in my earlier post

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Earthquakes have been felt in the lower part of the South Island over the past few days. Today, July 21st, New Zealand time, on the day Mercury went Direct again, at around 5.10PM on the 21st July, 2013, we had a 6.5 magnitude quake off the Marlborough Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. Its epicentre was 20 kilometres away from Seddon, near Blenheim, and it was 17 kilometres deep. Another earthquake followed soon after the first. This had a magnitude of 5.2. So far, around 22 aftershocks have been recorded. Wellington has been affected by the 6.5 magnitude quake.


Another very big shake has been experienced in Seddon today, the 22nd July, just before 10.45AM.

This is the worst quake to be felt in the Blenheim region since the 6.1 quake which struck in 1966, and it is the most serious in Wellington since the spate of earthquakes in 2006. After the earthquake, there were warnings that another big quake could be expected within 24 hours. This was because the aftershocks have been so numerous. But this morning – the 22nd July, 2013, the news at 9AM on Radio NZ tells us that seismologists now say that the likelihood of another big quake happening today is less likely, and that there is only a 10% chance of another quake striking the area in the next 24 hours.

But news at 12.30 Mid-day, 22nd July, says that seismologists reckon there is a 20% chance of another big quake within the next week. Update at Mid-day says there have been more than 100 aftershocks since the big quake yesterday, with the biggest of the aftershocks occurring a couple of hours ago, at 10.45AM.

Back to the day of the quake – the 21st July – The Moon is almost Full, which is also exacerbating the effect of Mercury’s changeover motion. Moon will be Full at 2.16PM on the 22nd July, 2013, according to the Tropical Ephemeris. This will take us to 2.16AM on the 23rd for New Zealand.

Radio New Zealand’s broadcasting studio in Wellington has just had its alarm sounded at 10PM, 21st July – The announcer has left his posie to vacate the building, along with everyone else on duty tonight. Good news now – It is 10.24PM and our announcer has just come back. Apparently, the quake broke a water pipe which was leaking water into a lift shaft.

Victoria University in Wellington has closed until further notice, and two buildings in the CBD have also been closed. Featherston Street, Willis Street and Bolton Street are closed, the train service in and out of Wellington has stopped, and people have been advised to stay away from work until lunchtime. There is no replacement bus service for the absent trains at this stage.

PS 22nd July, 2013, 2 PM The train service in and out of Wellington has resumed, and trains are running on a half-hourly basis, so Radio NZ News just told us.

Flights from Wellington Airport have resumed in the meantime.

DSCO 1786

I have just spoken to my Mother who lives in Napier. She said that they were rocked today by the quake which hit Wellington and parts of the South Island very severly. She was only three years old when the Napier Earthquake struck in 1931, and can remember watching the chimney on their school house topple to the ground. So earthquakes always make her feel very nervous.

I have been told that Blenheim has suffered quite badly from todays earthquakes, and that streets of Wellington have been closed.

Mercury almost always seems to bring on major earthquakes at the end of its Retrograde cycle. This is because the tension exerted upon the Earth by Mercury is at its zenith during those last couple of days of the Retrograde cycle. From the Earth, it appears as if the retrograde Planet is going backwards in its motion. It is just an illusion, in actual fact – The Planets never go backward – but from Earth, when they are in their Retrograde cycle, they are moving away and outwards from the usual path, and this diversion creates a huge tension upon Earth which can cause upheavals , freak incidents, and change dynamics here on Earth in a very profound way.

So – We have just had Saturn resume its Direct Motion again, and this has generally, for most of us, made things a lot lighter emotionally. But for many people, Mercury’s Retrograde Motion coming right on the end of Saturn’s Retro-Driect movement, has been a tipping point.

The Glee star, Cory Monteith, who died a week ago today at just 31 years of age, the 21st July NZ time, is one individual who obviously felt overwhelmed by the Saturn-Mercury Retrograde Motion. Cory’s birthday was the 11th May, 1982. He was born in Calgary, Canada, and has just died in Vancouver.

It is thought that Cory’s death was related to a heroin and alcohol over-dose. He had just completed his Saturn Return, which usually comes somewhere between the age of 28 to 30 years. Saturn going Retrograde right when it did at the beginning of the year has meant that, since the beginning of the year, Cory would have suffered a lot of the same intense emotions and self-doubts which he probably experienced during his Saturn Return which began around 28 years. This is because the Retrograde Saturn would have been moving backwards, in effect, over his own Natal Saturn placement, causing him to experience much of the same negativity which he thought he had overcome. This Saturn-Mercury effect could be seen as extremely unfortunate timing, in Cory’s case. Or was it fate?

Cory rose to world-wide fame in 2009 when he joined Fox television’s Glee series, to play the part of Finn Hudson. He was brilliant in this musical show, and we all adored him.

to be continued


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