Japan To Close Three Nuclear Reactors 2011

Japan/ Nuclear Reactors At Risk

The Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, has requested that three reactors at the nuclear facility at Hamaoka be closed down. He advises this after a safety review, which was done on Japan’s 54 nuclear power reactors following the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster, revealed that these reactors at Hamaoka are especially at risk.

Reactors at Shizuoka, which is only about 200 kilometres west of Tokyo also have reactors which have been assessed as dangerous. I am not sure whether this is in the same region as the Hamaoka nuclear reactors: The newspaper article is unclear about this, but it does say that the reactors at Shizuoka are operated by the same electric power company as the one at Hamaoka.

In Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s words, “If an accident occurs at Hamaoka, it could create serious consequences.”

The request by the Prime Minister is apparently not legally binding, but amounts to an order, according to the write-up in ‘Herald on Sunday’, May 8th 2011, New Zealand.

The Hamaoka nuclear facility, which is operated by the Chubu Electric Power authority, is another coastal nuclear-operated power plant, like the one at Fukushima, which makes it very vulnerable to the effects of earthquake/tsunami. Its president, Akihisa Mizuno, has responded to the Prime Minister’s, saying that he would ‘swiftly consider’ the request to close down three of these reactors.

Nuclear Free Power The Best option: The idea is that they are shut down until they can be made ‘more safe’. But the reality is that they can never be made earthquake/tsunami-proof, and nor can any nuclear power facility anywhere in the world. Let’s hope that the Japanese authorities recognize this, and begin making plans to decommission all nuclear power reactors, opting for safer methods like wind and sea and solar generated power instead.

The earthquake/tsunami which hit Japan’s north-eastern region on March 11th, 2011, resulted in a dire situation of melt-down at several of the reactors at the Daiichi Power Plant in Fukushima. Authorities are still struggling, by all accounts, to bring these reactors at Fukushima under control. I read somewhere that these reactors at Fukushima probably will not be cooled completely until the end of this year. Meanwhile, radiation will continue to leak into the environment.

Alarming to hear that the Daiichi Nuclear administrators applied after only about a week of the disaster, for permission to replace these broken reactors with two new ones. This seems incredibly disrespectful to the 25,000 people who died in the disaster, but it is also irresponsible: The Fukushima nuclear power plant will always be at risk from earthquakes and tsunamis, and it will always pose a health and environment threat to the local people, as well as to the world at large. It is therefore dangerous for ANY nuclear reactors to be functioning in these vulnerable areas.

The idea of building new reactors at Fukushima, considering the on-going risk of more earthquake/tsunami related nuclear disasters, is preposterous and unbelievable – the idea of a group of mad-men, I would say: These administrators at the Fukiushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant are obviously people who have already had their brains affected by radiation.


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