Mars Going Retro 24 Jan 2012 Affects Emotions, Climate and Earthquakes

Astrology: Mars Retrograde Cycle In Two Day’s Time.

Mars is the God of War. Mars influences even Internet Wars. Retrograde Mars will bring temporary halts to Peace Talks. There is a higher risk of fire right now, as well as other sudden, unexpected incidents which come under the rulership of Mars. will find resolution will be slow to reach, with regard to getting his site up and running again. Progress on this issue is likely to be held up until after 14th April, 2012, when Mars goes Direct again.

Speaking from Orewa Beach, north of Auckland, New Zealand. Sunday, 22nd January 2012. 2 PM. Do you feel a stillness in the air today? As if something is on hold. Like the lull before the storm? Well, not everybody is sensitive to these things, however, many people, if they think about it, will consider that there is something unusual about today’s weather, and the slightly eerie vibe which accompanies the day.

The weather of the day is odd, to say the least. It is on hold. It cannot decide, here at Orewa, whether it wants to rain, or not, or whether it wants to blow. Little, short bursts of wind occasionally come along, or very light misty rain, then everything is still again. It is muggy and warm, yet there is no sign of the sun. This heaviness in the air goes on and on. How can it last? Surely something will break soon, you would think – high winds, or a storm would relieve the pressure, at least.

There is an explanation for this strange eeriness:

In just two days time, Mars will be Retrograde. It will remain Retrograde in Virgo from the 24th January 2012 until the 14th April 2012. Right at this moment, Mars is sitting out there in the sky, halted in its path around the sun. This causes a tension , a heaviness, as if time is sitting still. Well, Mars has not actually stopped on its travels, but from the earth, it appears as if it is not making any progress. This apparent lack of movement, as Mars moves away from the eliptical, exerts an influence on us here on Earth, and on the other planets. And in two days time, Mars will appear as if it is moving backwards, away from its eliptical, or path around the sun.

The change-over from Direct to Retrograde affects physical aspects of life, as well as emotional. It is always an unsettling time. We like it best when the planets are going forward on their regular paths. When they do their retrograde thing, moving backward as seen from Earth, this puts a tension on us and the Earth itself. It is a challenging aspect of Mars, to every living thing on Earth, and the planet itself.

We are likely to see more movement of a sudden nature here on Earth during the next few days: More accidents, more fires, more electrical disturbances, more social unrest than usual, and more storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. People will be more inclined to drink too much alcohol, take too many drugs, or have outbursts of violence or depression. There will be a higher incidence of suicide than usual.

Once Mars has changed over to its retrograde path, and is moving again, things should settle down a bit, until Mars goes Direct again in April 2012. Then, a few days before Mars turns Direct again, we will feel a similar tension in the air which will last for several days, until Mars establishes itself on its Direct path again.

However, people who have important planets in Virgo will be affected by the Retrograde Mars for the duration of the Retrograde cycle. Virgo Sun people, people who have their Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn, in Virgo, or a combination of planets in Virgo, will need to be careful, as these people will be more accident prone. They will also be more inclined to outbursts of temper, or its opposite, depression. Watch your behaviour carefully. Meditate. Take it as easy as you can and try not to get upset over anything. Don’t take risks of any kind, unless they are absolutely necessary, over the next eight weeks.

Note: The Mars changeover from Direct to Retrograde, or Retrograde to Direct, always brings about a tension which makes the Earth and people more vulnerable to sudden changes in the weather, earthquakes, and fluctuating emotions. But of course, this is only one aspect of astrology which can cause these things. Mercury’s changing cycle affects Earth just as profoundly, and the larger, outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, etc, all influence the Earth greatly when they are changing from Direct to Retrograde, and vice versa.

Incidentally – Yesterday, my CD player packed up. It has been playing only 2 of the 3 selections quite happily for a while now. But it gave up the ghost yesterday. No action at all. And today, my nice little automatic washing machine which has NEVER played up, gave up. It will wash the clothes on the first part of the cycle, but that’s it. No more pumping. No rinse.

The tension from a static Mars has exterted its influence over the electrical technicals of both CD player and washing machine within around 12 hours of each other.

25th January 2012 6.PM news tonight reports massive floods in Fiji and in Southern Queensland.

Postscript: 4th April 2012: Saturn is also still Retrograde, and Mercury is in the third week of its Retrograde cycle, both of which have intensified the pressure on Earth. Things have been extremely unsettled on Earth the past few days, with many car accidents, tornadoes and floods, etc. This unrest is likely to continue for a few days more, as Mercury is due to go Direct this week, on the 6th April, 2012.

The changeover period of the Planets from Retrograde to Direct, and vice versa, usually sees strange weather patterns, and this propensity to affect weather and earthquakes, and people’s stress levels, etc, is more pronounced with Saturn Mars and Mercury all Retrograde as well. We have certainly had unusual weather – tornadoes today in NZ, and a comet seen close to the earth earlier in the week here.

Today, NZ time, seven tornadoes struck in America which saw big truck and trailers being lifted into the air in one location. More flash floods struck last night in Fiji, and many people there are homeless and without good food or sanitation at the moment.

Around a week ago, when Sun moved to 4degrees over Unranus, also at 4 degrees, a big earthquake struck in Chile, Magnitude 7.1.

The Moon is almost full, which gives another dimension of intensity to the Retrograde planets. This could meand that we will have more unusual weather events, and maybe earthquakes, before the end of this week, while Mercury is in its changeover process.

The weather should settle after the weekend, after the 6th April, when Mercury has gone Direct again. But Mars is due to go Direct on the 16th April 2012, which could see more disturbances around that time, especially in the period prior to its going Direct.

However, I do not believe that this will have the widespread devastating effects of Mercury’;s Retrograde cycle, which is compounded by the Full Moon and other Retro planets in this current week. Saturn is Retrograde until June, but things won’t be so intense again for some months until Mercury and Mars have their turn at being Retrograde again, or other planets line up to challenge the workings of the Earth.


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