Prediction For Earthquakes 15th January, 2012 Christchurch NZ

Astrology and Psychic Readings which were given to me at the beginning of the month by Bernhard Peterson were correct inasmuch as the date 15th January 2012 was picked out as a particularly vulnerable time for earthquakes or some other major physiological event on planet Earth. I did not specify any place for an event, or events, as this information was not given me.

I put this information up at the end of a post entitled ‘Christchurch Earthquake 23 December 2011 And Predictions For More To Come’. This post is 10 back from this one, if you want to check. There is more information on the subject of earthquakes on the Christchurch Earthquake 6 January post.

The 1st January 2012 was given as the first vulnerable date, and this proved to be correct, with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake striking Japan on this date. Fortunately, the epicentre was 600 km from Tokyo, and took place well out to the south of Japan under the sea-bed. So there were no casualties, and luckily, there was no tidal wave. I am told that there were also significant earthquakes in Christchurch on this day, though nothing to compare with the size of the one south of Japan.

The next most vulnerable dates given were for the 15th, 24th and 25th of January 2012.

I have just come home from a fabulous jazz concert in Takapuna, New Orleans style. My friends told me while I was at the concert that three big earthquakes hit Christchurch this morning, 15th January 2012 New Zealand time. I have not seen the local news today, nor did I buy the paper, so I did not know that these earthquakes had struck as I suspected they would.

The first of these quakes in Christchurch was around 1 AM. This was followed by an even larger one at around 3 AM, and another slightly smaller one at around 5 AM.


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