Volcanic Eruptions Triggered By Mars Retrograde Direct 14th April 2012

HDR-sunsetAstrology For Mars Causing Earthquakes, Eruptions, Social Unrest Right Now

Thanks to Lok for the fab photo.

Earthquakes in Indonesia, Mexico, Christchurch 11th-13th April. Volanic eruption at Mt Etna 13th April 2012.

I have been writing for several weeks about the liklihood of big earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, strange weather patterns and wierd phenomen, including sodial unrest and acts of violence occurring in this week, just prior to Mars turning Direct. The news tells of a higher incidence than usual of all these things in the past week. Mars, the Planet which rules war, active energy, fire, anger and violence, is at a very intense part of its Retrograde cycle – the most intense since it went Retrograde in January. This situation of stress on the Planet and everything living on our Planet Earth, is likely to last for a few days longer, until Mars has completed its Retrograde cycle.

Of course, once Retrograde Mars, helped along by a Retrograde Saturn, has literally sparked off a spate of violence, manifested in earthquakes, volcanic activity, social unrest and increased warring, it will not suddenly stop on the 16th or 17th ofApril, 2012, as the waves of motion will have to quiten down of their own accord. But we should see fewer big shakes, and fewer new instances of geological phenomenon. However, we should see fewer new instances of geological phenomenon such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and things should not be so intense as they are right now, with earthquakes and eruptions, etc, happening each day. Things should settle down just a little.

Saturn is still Retrograde until June, so we have not come out of the woods yet. When Saturn ‘goes Direct’ in June, we are likely to see a few more earthquakes, and perhaps eruptions, with social unrest. However, I do not believe that the volcanic activity will be so high around June as it is right now. This is because Mars equals fire – Mars energy helps to incite the quick, firey action of a volcanic eruption. But Mars will not be so intense around June, so the Saturn changeover should not be so violent and disruptive as the Mars changeover is right now.

Mars is due to go Direct again on the 16th-17th April 2012, depending on whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. We only have a few days to go, and as these dates draw closer, we have seen a spate of violent earthquakes occurring about the world. As well, volcanic eruptions have begun. Mount Etna has erupted in the last 12 hours or so. Iceland’s Katla volcanic area in Iceland was reported just yesterday – NZ Herald 13th April 2012 – as heating up and showing signs of an impending eruption which might be even more devastating than the Eyjafjallajokull eruption which occurred two years ago.


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