Winston Peters On Folly NZ Crafer Farms Sold To Chinese Firm

Ironically,the Chinese firm which the NZ National government has approved to buy the Crafer Farms is called ‘Milk New Zealand’. What a sad joke for us kiwis.

John Key is Gambling With Our Valuable Assets: The Crafer Farm Deal was finalized today, sold off to overseas Chinese company ‘Milk New Zealand’. An interview with Winston Peters has just been aired on TV One at almost 1.30AM, 20th April, 2012, in which he said:

‘That’s exactly what the Chinese are doing – ‘ Milking New Zealand’. Interesting that the earlier TV News refrained to even mention the Crafer Farm sale going through – They are obviously hand in glove with the government, as this should have had prominence in the news.

This late, late news at 1.20 AM was the only real news on this important issue of the sale of NZ dairy farms to overseas buyers. NO news about the Crafer farm deal to the Chinese on the earlier 6 o’clock news, or on the 10.30PM news either, when most people would have been watching their tellies.

On these earlier news readings we were given, instead, another controversial issue to divert the public’s attention from the Crafe Farm Sale to the Chinese – John Key’s agreement with Sky City Casino, to build another large casino in Auckland. The fact that he was out of the country when the news was released also incited antagonism from the public. However, the public should be even more angered when they realize that they were duped yet again, because the whole gambling debacle was a facade – a cover-up for an even worse calamity – the seal on the deal of the Crafer Farms. No news is NOT good news, as our saying goes. This is BAD news, and the main news channels should have reported it in depth.

While the Crafer Farm deal to the Chinese went ahead today, John Key was happily overseas, no doubt enjoying himself and revelling in the glory of his grand misdeeds, investigating what he loves most of all – the gambling industry – to support his plan to make Auckland an even bigger gambling facility.

So – The Crafer Dairy Farm sale should have been big news today on our main news readings at 6 PM and 10.30 PM, as this was the day the deal was sealed. The absence of any news on this important issue strongly suggests that the government is also manipulating our news. This really amounts to censorship. We were fed big stories about John Key’s gambling plan, and about him being overseas looking at other gambling facilities, instead of being told the relevant and alarming news of the day. Winston Peters’ interview which aired after midnight was the only criticism which was shown on TV tonight on the issue of the loss of our Crafer Farms to overseas interests.

Winston Peters said:

‘Why a country whose prime industry is the dairy industry should sell off their prime asset – the farms that create this industry – is beyond me……..We should be capitalizing ourselves on the profit which these farms will bring to our country, not sell them off for some other country to profit…….They will put a New Zealand manager in there……. We will have to lease our own land back…..Prime Minister John Key was conveniently out of the country today, the 19th April, 2012, the day the Crafer Farms were sold.


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