BP Oil Spill Danger New Zealand 2010

16 June 2010. Epsom, Auckland.

I have just received information from Nick Young at Greenpeace which warns about the dangers of an oil spill in our South Pacific region.

This is a very real danger to us, in the South Pacific, as the current ‘National’ government of New Zealand is considering allowing deep water exploration for oil in our waters.

We should be actively fighting legislation which would allow this. A spillage near New Zealand would be equally disastrous as it has been in America, but here, our whole ecological system, plants, trees, wild life, and human life, would suffer more acutely, as there is very little land mass in our two and a bit islands to withstand such a disaster.

Other small islands in the Pacific would also be affected drastically by such a spillage.

The oil slick off the coast of America is just devastating to wild life, to the fishing industry, and to man generally. The effects of this oil spillage are far reaching, as the oil will contaminate the water and beaches for decades, if not centuries. The toxicity from the spillage will not be simply confined to the area of the spillage, but will be carried via currents to other places. The wild life in the area, even if it can survive, will become slowly poisoned through eating any food obtained in the region. The food chain will thus be severly affected.

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Thanks to Greenpeace campaigners for all their efforts in trying to prevent disasters such as these, and in disseminating information to encourage people to be pro-active in trying to preserve our precious environment.

If it happens, it is already too late. A ‘clean-up’ by BP, or a mighty government such as the USA, can NEVER restore the ocean to its former, relatively clean state. No matter what is done, the effects of this oil spillage will be felt for years and years.

ALL ocean drilling for oil should be stopped. It is only a matter of time before another accident like the latest BP oil spill occurs. Eventually, the whole ocean will be poisoned, just as the Bible predicts, if oil drilling under water continues.

If our environment is to be put at such risk, then we do NOT want to have the profits from any oil which might be found in our waters. We must be adamant that this is not what we want, and do everything we can to stop the drilling for oil in the Pacific Ocean. Our motto should be


For our health, for our environment, for all wild-life, even for the economy, say NO to drilling for oil in the oceans

The National Government, typically, is very short-sighted: its goals are pretty much profit-driven, yet it cannot fore-see just how an ‘accident’ such as this would affect the biggest money maker for our country – TOURISM. How many people will want to come to New Zealand once the drilling companies have ruined our beautiful coast?

For more information, you could contact info@greenpeace.org.nz


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