Getting Sick From Oil Spill In New Zealand October 17th 2011

Rena Shipwreck Oil Disaster, Tauranga, New Zealand. I have been feeling ill since Friday 15th October 2011. Actually, I think it was the night before when I first noticed allergy reactions. . But by morning there was no doubt I was not myself. I had a thumping headache and nausea. I also had intense neck pains at the nape of the neck. No cough or cold at this stage. I know of several others around Auckland who have just ‘come down’ with flu, or who are simply not feeling well.


At first, I put it down to the second hand kauri and oak chest of drawers which I bought over a week ago, around the time when the ship Rena got wrecked on the Astrolabe Reef out from Tauranga. This kauri chest had been stripped of its paint, which most certainly had been lead. I am still very sensitive to lead dust, or mercury, and other toxic substances used in paint, even when the paint has been stripped. There is still a residue of dust left behind which is enough to cause an allergy reaction in a sensitive person. So – a lesson for me that I am still super-sensitive to such toxins, and that I should not possess any goods which have them.

Saturday morning, I awoke with a sore in my left nostril, and a runny nose, both of which had appeared suddenly. I felt ill that day too, with a piercing headache, and sore eyes, although I felt a bit better when I left the beach here at Orewa, and went into town for the day for my Grandson’s birthday party.

Sunday – the nausea and headache, as well as bone pain, nerve pain, and dizziness, came on strongly. There was also flushing to the cheeks such as people get who have high blood pressure.

Anyhow, this morning, Monday, I awoke with intense headache and nausea all over again. My eyes were sore with a burning sensation. I had left my windows open, thinking that the fumes from the chest of drawers were the worst thing. However, upon leaving the house for the fresh air around 5 AM, I found that the fumes were WORSE outside. The air was clammy and fairly still. An element of fog. Black gloomy clouds moved slowly across the sky. The smell of acrid oil was in the air.

So – I have gotten rid of the kauri and oak chest. But the toxins are still in the air, because there is pollution coming from outside, from the Rena oil spill over in Tauranga. Tauranga is actually not too far away from Orewa, considering the huge volume of oil which has been dumped into the sea. The air-born particles of oil will have been swept up northwards along the coast to the Auckland area.

There have been reports of people getting sick, who have been helping with the clean-up. There were also reports over the weekend, that the oil was now air-borne, as well as being in the sea.

This oil spillage is very toxic. It has reached Auckland already. I pity the poor people who live near the oil disaster, whose symptoms will be a lot worse than mine.

Let this Tauranga Rena Oil Disaster Be A Lesson To Our Corporate-Oriented Government. Mr Key – listen up.

If we have an oil disaster further down the coast where you have allowed ocean drilling operations to get underway by Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras, things will be VERY VERY MUCH WORSE. The Tauranga Rena Oil Spill is bad enough. Thousands of birds dead. Seals, and fish will be affected. People will suffer ill health because of the amount of oil spilt into the ocean from the Rena. The coast line has already been damaged. Fishing and tourism operations have come to a halt in the area around Tauranga.

But if – more likely WHEN – an ‘accident’ occurs down where Petrobras are doing their oil drilling, then God Help Us. People are still dying of cancer and other diseases, after the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The damage is irreparable, no matter how good your technology is.

The Petrobras oil drilling operation, and indeed, all ocean oil drilling all over the world, should be stopped. It is just too risky, and any amount of money made from oil drilling now can never give us our unpolluted and beautiful environment back. Let alone our health.

Say No To Ocean Oil Drilling, wherever it is happening in the world.

Fortunately for us on the coast around Auckland, the wind has turned tonight to what I guess is a cool Sou’westerly. This will blow the toxic fumes away from our beach at Orewa for now. But with more oil about to spill into the Tauranga harbour, since the salvage crew have to stop their operations with another storm coming, things look pretty bleak for our environment and for our health.


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