Japan Earthquake 1st January 2012

Astrological Readings Point To More Earthquakes: In my post just prior to the New Year, I picked out the 1st January 2012 as being a vulnerable date for such things as earthquakes. The other dates for January 2012 which I picked as being particularly vulnerable were on the 15th, the 20th and the 23/24th January. We haven’t arived at those dates yet, to verify any unusual happenings.

Although I was right about predicting the date of an earthquake or some other event for the 1st January, I did not give a place, and actually thought that New Zealand might be the place of a large earthquake. I have been told that there were several large earthquakes in Christchurch on the 1st, however I did not see the news on the 1st. However, there was one earthquake which made the news in the ‘New Zealand Herald’ on the 2nd Jan, and that was the New Year big shake-up in Japan:

The 1st January brought an earthquake in Japan which shook buildings in Tokyo. It was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, which is a pretty large shake. Fortunately, the epicentre of the 1st January 2012 earthquake was 600 km away from Tokyo, under the sea-bed to the south of Japan, which meant that the full force of the earthquake, fortunately, was not felt in the city. Just as well that no tidal wave followed, and nobody was killed.

Media reports tell us that there was no damage reported to any of the nuclear power plants in Japan – but this does not mean no damage occurred. The Japanese authorities keep anything to do with the nuclear power plants very secret, and there is no independent body to assess the safety of these plants. They are all owned by the one company, which gives them very much power indeed, including the power to say anything, or nothing, about the state of the damaged nuclear power plants, and just how much radiation is being leaked into the environment, the air, the land and the ocean.

Many Japanese people are unhappy about these secret operations and that they were given inaccurate and false reports about the state of the nuclear plant at Fukushima after it was severely damaged as a result of the earthquake and tsunami last year. My Japanese friend who has just spent 6 months in Japan near the worst affected Fukushima area says that the Japanese authorities still give no information out about the changing levels of radiation. Silence is meant to mean that there is no problem. But of course, everyone is very worried about the radiation.

The worry about radiation coming from the damaged nuclear power plants is ongoing. Radiation does not go away. Radioactive pollution has affected a wide area and has been detected in Tokyo. This radiation is not contained just in Japan, and is actually affecting the whole world.

Every earthquake now is likely to cause more damage in the already affected power plant structures. New cracks will open up which will let more of the radioactive poisons out, to poison the people of Japan and the rest of the world.

Japan is very prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, which make it one of the worst places in the world to operate nuclear power stations. More earthquakes and tsunamis will most surely come. We are all at risk of being wiped out as a result of another tsunami breaking up the nuclear power stations and poisoning the world.

Japan should follow the example of Germany, and go nuclear free. Angela Merkel, the Chancillor of Germany, has declared that Germany will be completely nuclear free by the year 2022. Angela Merkel halted the operations in many of the power stations after the Japanese tsunami, and the power stations which were considered too old and vulnerable to leakage, were all shut down for good.

Germany has begun working on the solar technology which will replace all nuclear power stations. German scientists have ascertained that ALL power needs, domestic and industrial, can be sourced from the sun and the wind. With the right technology, nuclear power will become a thing of the past.

For the sake of the people of Japan, and for the safety of the whole world, Japan should shut down its nuclear power stations and go nuclear-free. What is wealth if you don’t have health?


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