Letter To New Zealand From Koko In Japan, 14th October 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Has Ongoing Consequences. People are still suffering because of the Tsunami, and because of the on-going effects of radiation.

My friend Koko, a healer who is currently in Japan, has just written me an email letter which she has given me permission to put up here on merrilynhope.com. I cried when I read her letter.

Dear Merrilyn,

I am so lonely in Japan, but I still have a dream that I can live in peace place with good people.

I wonder I talk bad news, or include only good news?????

And then I write both – bad news is in red – good news is in blue – other is in black.

So you read blue and black if you don’t want to know sad things.

RED – I have a nuisance character that I can’t make show of nothing happened for me.

Most Japanese pretend very well, or nothing to say about their misfortune.

And the result, over 300,000 people suicide every year.

The 2011 prospect more tragic because many people in depression by fear of radioactivity.

I got a letter from ward office. It is really hopeless. Too sad to say, that I live in Japan more hard.

I’m tired to lead a frugal life, sake of keep my dream

I think my troubles are rare.

Many things happened and I never gave up my ideal until now, and same time my body and soul are worn out.

Because of I’m a highly sensitive person, regrettably. I call myself “naked sensitive person”.

BLACK I have to change my life or die to vain

I talk to you and other people and reduce my overflow stress.

Simple life in nature with God is all my needed.

I don’t want to keep money and house with big worry. I need safe place and live simple and artistic.

GREEN…. change topic.

BLACK….My left hand’s purple and black, bruise faded away, but pain remains.

The tooth is treated by last spurt this month. I couldn’t go to the dentist for a long time.

GREEN….change topic..again.

RED….High concentration radiation is detected the place very far from (nuclear power plant)

BLACK Although Gumma (here) adjoins Fukushima Prefecture, the Southern part in which I am present

is surrounded by the mountain, although it is almost the same as Tokyo (radiation)

RED….The right report is carried out in neither television nor a newspaper.

BLACK…However, the information from a conscientious specialist can be acquired on the internet.

I am studying about in the near future under the radioactive world.

Of course alternative energy is very important.

However, my opinion is

Let’s start from scratch.

RED…I live in differential society. Get safe food and amenities depend on money.

The casual workers in nuclear power plant were not reported and their lives are disposable.

BLACK…We seek our happiness without competition and victim.

We throw away our faith.

We need courage and imagination that is not convenient on iphone4’s

Steve Jobs was a special person but young people should know other great ideal and other sense of value.

I understand people’s enthusiasm for IT and new tools

But all the people must understand that we can live without computer and large electricity.

But you cannot live without nature and compassion.

GREEN…Change Topic

BLACK…..About the Geinou-Yamashiro-Gumi (music tie-up sociology research)

their international activity is carried out and their Gamelan performance is interesting

But their home-page does not have an English site.

BLUE….I ordered 4 Japanese CD’s for listening in New Zealand with you.

Do you know GAGAKU ? The court music of Japan, 8th Century.

One CD artist was the court musician.

I love original Japanese instruments.

SHAKUHACHI is wind instrument.

WA-TAIKO is percussion instrument.

TUGARU-SHAMISEN is stringed instrument.

I’m sure you like them.


I keep smile and keep my condition, and pray and pray and pray that I get to New Zealand safely.

Love (with big sunflower)

See you soon.


Koko is due to come back to New Zealand at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to seeing her, but I fear that her health is the worse for having spent 6 months in an area of Japan where many people have suffered enormous losses and which has high radiation levels. People are very depressed because of loss of family, loss of friends, loss of homes and whole towns, loss of jobs. This sadness is made much worse by the radiation, which causes listlessness, depression, and ill health.

If you have any words of encouragement for Koko, you could send in a comment to this post. I will pass it on to her, and she can reply if she would like to do that.


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