Malebranche The French Philosopher

Secular Priests Of The Roman Catholic Church

Nicolas de Malebranche was a French Philosopher, a Mystic and a secular priest, who was born in Paris. He lived from 1638 to 1715, which gave him a good old age of 77 years.

Malebranche studied theology at the Sorbonne University. While nearing the completion of his studies in theology, at age 22, he joined the ‘Congregation of the Oratory’, which was an organization of secular Roman Catholic priests.

He followed the teachings of the French Philosopher Rene Descartes and believed, like Descartes, that “all knowledge outside of the mind can come to it only through divine revelation”.

Malebranche was a serious scholar and writer of many important Spiritual and Philosophical books. He wrote most of his important works after the age of 40.

The “De la Recherche de la Verite”, which was published in 1674, was the result of ten years of study on the teachings of Descartes.

This was followed by “Conversations Metaphysiques et Chretiennes” in 1677, and “Traite de la Nature et de la Grace” in 1680. Other Spiritual teachings include “Entretiens sur la Metaphysique et sur la Religion”, which was published in 1688, and “Traite de l’Amour de Dieu” in 1697.


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