Oil Spillage Ship Rena Tauranga Say No To Deep Sea Oil Drilling

New Zealand Oil Spill By Ship Rena Near The Port Of Tauranga. The oil slicks are already on shore, and dead sea-birds drowned in the oil slicks were shown on Maori Television last night, 10.10.2011 Distressed people along the beach who were witnessing the pollution of their beautiful sea-side were interviewed about this environmental calamity which has struck in New Zealand.

We have all been pleasantly diverted by the fabulous events of ‘The Rugby World Cup which is still being played in New Zealand, but we shouldn’t ignore the goings-on around us, especially when these events are threatening our environment, possibly to a devastating degree. This container ship ‘Rena’ is still sitting out from the Tauranga harbour with tons of oil still on board – oil which is seeping into our seas, while the authorities and the ship’s owners work out how they are going to salvage their ship and its goods. This is a mini-spillage so far, compared to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year. However, its disastrous effects are being seen already, and the damage is likely to get much worse.

A Message From Greenpeace today asks people to sign up to their “No Deep Sea Oil Drilling” campaign, which you can find on Facebook.

John Key’s government have already given the OK to Brazilian oil company ‘Petrobras’, to drill for oil on this same coast where the ship Rena is now spiling oil. John Key’s government is acting VERY IRRESPONSIBLY by doing this. They are only considering the money to be made, and not the environment or its people. They have not listened to the voice of New Zealanders who have protested about Petrobras’ oil drilling on the East Coast of New Zealand. This accident by the ship Rena, which is likely to spill massive amounts of oil into the sea, the signs of which are already evident, should be a dire warning to our government that NO OIL DRILLING SHOULD OCCUR IN ANY OF OUR WATERS. BECAUSE DEEP SEA OIL DRILLING WILL HAVE ITS ACCIDENTS TOO. IT IS INEVITABLE. Greenpeace give the logical argument that, if we cannot contain the oil which is already spilling from the ship ‘Rena’, and which is already killing sea-birds, then how can we expect that we will be able to tackle a bigger oil spillage from an oil rig? The answer is that we won’t. These accidents of oil spills from deep-water oil rigs are almost a regular occurence. I think that they are still trying to clean up the damage from that one which happened earlier this year in the North Sea. The thing is, that you can’t possible clean up oil out of the sea completely. It’s a bit like trying to take the egg yolk out of a cup of water once the egg yolk has burst. You might get a little of it, but you cannot get it all. And so, if your egg yolk should happen to be toxic material, like oil, and it bursts into the sea, then the damage is done. You cannot reverse it with any technology. All you can hope for is that you will manage to collect the worst of it from on top of the water. But much of it will have already washed away, covering an area of hundreds of kilometres, polluting the water, and killing sea-birds and fish along the way.

Next thing that happens is that this toxic material finds its way into the food chain, and ends up on the beaches. Oil causes cancer, so people suffer too, in the end.

Our country should not be looking to make profit from a procedure which will end up poisoning its wild-life, its oceans, and its people.


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